These days, if you’re looking to learn Arabic, you don’t have to look any further than your smartphone.  Indeed, there are many Arabic language learning apps that you can download and start learning Arabic today. However, are these downloadable apps really the best language learning tools for those who want to learn Arabic?

No Studies Until Now

Though hundreds of people use them every day, very few researchers have conducted studies on language learning apps – that is, until now. You see, that didn’t stop Michigan State University’s Professor Shawn Loewen from stepping up to the plate. Recently, Professor Loewen performed a study on a famous language learning app to see if they really work. However, what he found may surprise you.

In his study, Loewen observed 85 undergraduate students from MSU who used a famous language learning app to learn Spanish. First, to assess how well they might already know Spanish, students took pretest on Spanish vocabulary and grammar. The test also included a speaking section. Next, the professor gave the students 12 weeks to learn Spanish using the app. Out of the 85 students who signed up for the program, 54 remained at the end. Finally, these 54 were given the same exam they took at start of the program to test how much they learned.

Results of Research

A review on use of mobile apps for language learning showed that the students actually improved their Spanish after 12 weeks. On the whole, they increased not only their learning new words in Spanish and Spanish grammar skills, but their speaking skills also improved.  In fact, 59% of those who took part in the study improved their speaking skills by at least one level. (Levels are based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages proficiency scale.)

Of course, the amount that students improved also relates to the amount of time they spent with the app. For example, 69% of the students who spent at least six hours with the app increased one level. At the same time,  75% of those who studied for 15 hours or more improved at least one level. On the other hand, 36% of the original 85 students did not complete the programs. Thus, it can be inferred that success in learning a language through a downloadable app mostly depends on sticking with the program.

To conclude, researchers can likely say the same for those using a language app to learn Arabic. All it takes is a little stick-to-itiveness and you’ll be learning Arabic in no time at all.

The Best Arabic Language Learning App

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