When some of you think of the language of love, you think of languages like French, Italian, and Romanian. In fact, their even called the Romance languages. However, contrary to popular belief, Arabs are a very passionate and romantic people and it’s shown in their language, too.  Indeed, the average Arab knows the Arabic word for love; however, they also know the romantic Arabic phrases to woo the opposite sex too.

Whatever your reasons, we know that some of you out there are curious about learning some Arabic love phrases.  Well, today’s your lucky day because today we’re going to look at some the Arabic word for love. We’ll also give you some Arabic cute words that you can use to help spread the love. After all, if it’s one thing that world needs now, it’s love sweet love.

Sweet Words of Love

So you want to know the Arabic word for sweetheart? Well, it’s حبيبة القلب (habibat al-qalb). Here are 16 more phrases you can use to impress your family, friends or that cute little Arabic boy or girl you’ve got your eye on:

Arabic Words to Express Your Love
You are beautiful! (male)anta jameelأنت جميل You are my lifeant hayatiأنت حياتي
You are beautiful! (female)antee jameelaأنتي جميلة You are my heart, soul, and lifeant qalbi waruhi wahayatiانت قلبي وروحي وحياتي
Love of my heart (male/ female)habib albi / habibat albiحبيب قلبي /حبيبة قلبي You are my eyesant euyuniانت عيوني
You are my love (male/ female)enta habibi / enti habibatiانت حبيبي / انت حبيبتي I will love you till the end of timesawf’ahabak hataa nihayat alwaqtسوف أحبك حتى نهاية الوقت
My Moon (male/female)ya kamarيا قمر You have beautiful eyesladayk euyun jamilaلديك عيون جميلة
My beautiful (male/female)ya helo / ya helwaيا حلو / يا حلوة Your smile is beautifulibtisamatuk jamilaابتسامتك جميلة
You are my soul (male/ female)ya rouhiيا روحي I think you’re cute  (male)athonno annaka jath thaabأظن أنك جذاب
You are my heartant qalbiانت قلبي I think you’re cute (female)athonno annakee jath thaabahأظن أنكي جذابة

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