Perhaps the best way to learn Arabic is simply by learning to read the language. Once you learn to read Arabic, it opens up doors to learning Arabic grammar. Also, it helps building your vocabulary as you learn new words every day. Here’s a list of resources to get you started in reading Arabic as a beginner of Arabic language learning:

Arabic Genie – You Already Know Arabic

Do you want to know what is your current level in Arabic? The Arabic Genie website will show you just that. It provides you with a list of over 200 cognates in English and in Arabic. There you have topics like food, animals, and politics. You will find words written in English, Arabic, and in Arabic transliteration for the very beginner. It also includes a list of the letters in the Arabic alphabet along with their pronunciation.

Arabic Grammar Tutorials

This website features quite a few brief, text tutorials on formal Arabic grammatical topics. They range from sentence structure to verb conjugation and pronouns. Furthermore, it has a comprehensive section on the 10 most common verb forms. However, we have to warn you that many of these tutorials favor transliteration. Although this may be just the thing for beginners of Arabic.

7 Short Stories for Arabic for Beginners

This offers a collection of seven short stories brought together in one document available for free download. Each story corresponds to each of the seven days of the week. What’s interesting is that each day provides a moral lesson. The stories are written in Arabic script and all are fully voweled for the Arabic beginner.

36 Arabic Stories for Beginners

This page contains links to thirty-six stories written in Arabic. Like the website mentioned above, many of these also include morals. Furthermore, most stories include small illustrations for difficult words at the bottom. This tool helps with making reading easier for both native and non-native speakers. The stories move from easy to more difficult. As a result, you can see how much you’re improving with each story you read. In addition, the stories are also written in fully voweled Arabic script.


Al-Bab is a website that was created to introduce non-Arabs to Arab culture. This is done through links to news sources, country profiles and articles. The website also offers specific links related to learning Arabic. For example, they offer dictionaries, language classes, textbooks, and other information related to studying Arabic. Also, you can download their free e-book to help you improve your reading even more.

Alphabet Reading Drill – Reading Arabic Ads

This website offers practice for the Arabic alphabet, reading Arabic and writing Arabic. It uses the fun world of fast-food advertising. In addition, they use companies that you’ll most likely be familiar with. Students are asked to read the ads and write them out on the accompanying Arabic sheet. It’s a great way to learn Arabic online.

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