Everyday Barriers to Learning Arabic and How to Overcome Them

Gary Greer 4/19/2020
About Arabic language

If you’re just starting to learn Arabic language skills or you’ve been studying it for quite a while, you’ve probably already figured out that Arabic, like every other language out there, comes with both its own challenges and excitement. When you first started learning the language, you were probably all like, “Hey, this ain’t so bad. I’m going to learn to speak Arabic in no time at all”. However, as you continued to learn and hit a couple of learning roadblocks, barriers and so on, your thoughts became, “Oh no! This is too difficult. I’m never going to learn Arabic!” Well, before you throw your hands in the air and surrender, let’s take a look at what some of these barriers to learning adults face are and how you can overcome them and be back to learning Arabic again in no time at all.

Geographical and Financial Obstacles

Where you were born in the world should not determine what you learn in life, but unfortunately, sometimes it does. Things like where you live and how much money you earn can make learning Arabic even more challenging to master. Therefore, knowing and understanding the social and cultural obstacles that lay ahead can get you back on the road to success. 


Unless you live in the Middle East, finding an Arabic class can prove difficult. And if you do happen to find a course, it can be at an inconvenient time. Or even at a place where finding reliable transportation can be a hassle.

One of the great things about the times we live in today is that the internet makes it easier and more convenient to learn Arabic. So, if finding an Arabic language course isn’t an option, you might look into how you can learn Arabic online. Or, you can learn from one of those Arabic learning apps like the Kaleela Arabic learning app. It’s available for download to your iOS or Android device.


It’s true that how much money you make can have an impact on your success in Arabic. The books and classes at professional language academies can end up costing a fortune. Not everyone who wants to learn Arabic can afford.

If you’re trying to figure out how you can overcome the financial roadblock in your journey down the road to Arabic language learning, try looking for Arab–American organizations in your neighborhood or visiting your local free public library to inquire about free or reduced cost Arabic classes. If nothing else, the library may have books on learning Arabic. You can borrow and start learning on your own.

Additionally, there are free internet resources and free language learning websites that help in learning languages. Once again, there are also a lot of Arabic language learning apps to download like the Kaleela Arabic learning app.

Mental and Motivational Obstacles

Flashback to a time when you quickly learned something new. What was going on in your life at that moment? Were you in good place physically, mentally, and emotionally? Did it seem everything was going your way? All of these things can easily impact how effectively you can learn Arabic.

Mental Health

Learning a new language can cause some people to suffer a bit of anxiety. This can affect the outcome of their Arabic language learning success. People who have anxiety and depression often find it difficult to engage and focus on the materials.

If something is keeping you from succeeding at learning Arabic, talk to your Arabic language teacher about it. Likewise, discuss with the instructor before enrolling in the class if you have a disability that may require special accommodations. Most of all, keep yourself in shape mentally, physically, and emotionally to be successful at learning Arabic.


If you really want to learn Arabic, you’ll find a way to learn it. Likewise, if you really want need to learn it, you’ll also find a way to learn it. For example, if you’re learning Arabic because you’ve always dreamed of sailing down the Nile through the Valley of the Kings, then your motivation will be your excitement as you prepare for your trip. Another example is maybe you’ve been offered a high paying position in the Middle East. In order to get the job, however, you need to learn Arabic. In this case advancing your career and making more money is your motivation to learn Arabic.

Once again, using modern technology like Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom can give you a chance to have structured conversations with others who speak Arabic. Who know? Maybe you’ll find a local group of people who share the same desire to learn Arabic and practice using your new Arabic speaking and listening skills.

Instructional Barriers

Know how you learn and what works best for you will take you a long way in succeeding at your Arabic language learning.

How You Learn

When you learn any language, and of course this includes learning Arabic, you usually learn the basics skills of all languages – reading, writing, speaking, and listening.   If you’re taking a class, but stressing out because you don’t feel your progressing,  think about using gamification as a way to successfully master the Arabic language.  

Gamification uses both gaming elements and gaming mechanics to enhance your learning. Mobile applications like Kaleela’s Arabic learning app help you unlock new worlds through games and practice. Mobile applications like these don’t just offer opportunities to learn but give you a safe and convenient space to practice the four basic skills of Arabic – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

Learning Arabic really is more fun and exciting than it is challenging, but overcoming these challenges will remind you that you can achieve your goals and other greater things when you have made up your mind to do them. Yes, you will run into obstacles now and then, but they are not obstacles that others haven’t overcome before you and obstacles that you will overcome as well. Using what you learn to overcome barriers can be one of the best language learning techniques you’ll ever learn to achieve your dream of learning Arabic and sailing down the Nile or advancing your career in the UAE.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can learn Arabic more efficiently or if you’re interested in learning Modern Standard Arabic and other Arabic dialects, why not also check out the Kaleela Arabic learning app? As you may already know, researchers have proven that the best way to learn Arabic is through Arabic learning apps. So, start learning Arabic now by downloading the Kaleela Arabic learning app to your IOS or Android device today.