How To Become Fluent In Arabic With The Right Dictionaries

Dina Sarayra 2/20/2020
About Arabic language

Find good dictionary… Houston, we have a problem!

A dictionary is everything when it comes to language learning, but how do you find the right one? So, looking up all these online dictionaries and sites is not helping with the decision-making process. And with an Arabic to Arabic dictionary, it feels like you studying the word and its meaning at the same time! It couldn’t be more annoying than to find a dictionary, buy it, and find out that it is not working with you at all. No worries, Kaleela is here to the rescue! To make life easier, because we just love doing that, we decided to create a list from the beginner-friendly dictionaries to the most professional non-native Arabic speakers out there!


There is a first time for everything, and we proudly say that. AlMawrid is like the knight in shining armour that is coming your way. This classic dictionary doesn’t follow the traditional order of listing the words by roots, but rather by alphabetically. In the form of Arabic-English only and Arabic-English/English-Arabic, this dictionary of modern Arabic is one of the best Arabic English dictionary collections of all.    

Millennial Beginner

We take all generations in consideration, don’t worry. Are you abeginner but got used to the modern world of technology and all of its fantastic advantages? No problem. We have just the right dictionary for you. Sakhr dictionary is basically Al Mawrid, but right in front of your laptop screen. It serves the exact same purpose, offering synonyms of every Arabic word, and even allows you to search root words comfortably. An extra service is that it presents the results with every part of speech.


If you already know endless vocabulary words and don’t know how to phrase them just right depending on the sentence, go and buy yourself a Hans Wehr dictionary. Although it only comes in Arabic-English, this shouldn’t be too much for intermediate. Who doesn’t like a little challenge eh? This dictionary allows the understanding of commonly used verbs in different phrases and dives deeper into grammatical constructions of the actual language such as derivatives, tenses, transliteration, and inevitably articulation. 

One for All

If you are in need of a quick translation without focusing too much on the details, Google Translate and Dictionary can definitely be the best companion. Its effectiveness comes in its speed, which sets it apart from everything else. And although the AI-configured service is being improved every day, it can give misleading information of certain translations.

Professionally Advanced

Alright alright, just because you can speak it and talk it, doesn’t mean you get to flaunt it. We hear you advanced speakers; we got dictionaries for you too. So, the Arabic-English Lexicon is next-level dictionary. Not only is it described as being matchless by language experts, but this 8-volume dictionary has the highest level of thoroughness and completeness of any Arabic English dictionary by far. It may not be a Syrian dictionary; it certainly was nominated as the best Arabic English dictionary.

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