Middle East Food Travel Blog: Learn Arabic With Food In Yemen

Dina Sarayra 1/24/2022
Arab Culture

To dive into any culture you have to go deep in its cuisine. Middle East cuisine is like no other. Arabian countries are famous for their Arabian spices. They make the food so…. Amazing! Let’s learn the Arabic of Yemeni foods. That’s right, it’s Yemeni cuisine time.

Yemeni Dishes

We are starting off with a delicious Shakshouka. This beautiful combination of eggs and tomatoes makes every move drop with amazement. Although the origins of this dish are not clear, Yemeni’s make it whenever possible. The best thing about it is that it’s easy and cheap to make.

From tomatoes to fish, Sayadiah is our next item on the menu. Aden city and Sayadiah are always in the same sentence. This is because people in that city are famous for this dish. The word “Sayd” itself means seafood. You can say that the name is self-explanatory. It consists of rice and cooked fish on top. Yummy!

More Rice

From one rice dish to another, please welcome Zurbian. People tend to compare between this rice recipe to that of Briyani. However, instead of using fish, Zurbian is focused on chicken or lamb. Again, Aden city is the source of this beautiful creation. Thank you Aden city.

But we are not done with rice just yet. Mandi is a definite strong candidate in winning one of the best dishes in the world. This uniquely-flavored recipe is quite similar in shape as the Zurbian. However, Mandi originates from Hadramout. Its cooking method differs and so do the spices. Because the juice of the smoke cooks the rice, the entire dish has a special smoky taste.

Away from Main Courses and Onto Appetizers

If you like sour food, then you will surely love Shafout. Yemeni’s make a type of special Yemini bread called Lahuh. They take it and put it in the syrup made of buttermilk and a bunch of Arabian spices. Finally, they add a mix of vegetables including onion, cucumber, and carrots.

If you ask about Yemeni porridge, then Harees is your answer. Intresting fact about Harees is that you can eat it hot or cold. You can’t say the same about most dishes. There are three types of Harees. There is one with meat, one which is savory, and one that is sweet. It doesn’t matter what your taste in food is, you will find the Harees for you.

Yemeni Restaurants

Arabs believe that all Arabs originally come from Yemen. This is what the history says. There is a strong connection with that country. You can say the same about the food as well.

Arabic food is quite similar in nature. The differences are minor, and may be major in other cases. But the base of all foods is the same. You will notice that Arabs put similar ingredients. But they make cook them differently.

All around the Arab world, there will always be a Yemeni restaurant nearby. Because they offer so many different spices, many people choose their dishes over others. Anyone can fall in love with Yemeni food, even non-Arabs. This is because the ingredients are ones seen everywhere.

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