Learning a language online is easier, but it is not as effective and can require all the effort in the world. Do you like traveling? Do you enjoy language learning? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then follow me on the journey of finding out the 5 unexpected things that traveling teaches you about language learning.

Talk it through  

There is no rule as to how to learn a language. You get to discover that this fact couldn’t be truer when you start traveling. No one ever said that you need a grammar book and a vocabulary book that guides you through. Instead, it has been noted by travelers that the best way to learn is through immediate contact with the natives in their own country. Some might argue that speaking the language in any other country but with a native has the same effect, well, that it “should”. It really isn’t the case at all. In the country itself, everyone is speaking so you are really forced into it. You do need, of course a few words to start off with, if you know nothing about the language. In that case, download the best language learning app and get a few phrases to guarantee you’ll never get lost!  

Friends Forever

You wouldn’t imagine how easy it is to gain friendship just from spending one week or two in a country of the natives. Let’s say you want to learn, I don’t know… ARABIC. Probably one of the awesome-est languages ever, right? Go to an Arab-speaking country, and throw that language learning app because your new friend will surely help you. The great thing about friendship is that it keeps going all even after you leave. Skype conversations with your buddy can turn into language learning sessions for free!  

Language beyond Diction

One common misconception of language learning that should be clarified is the fact that it is not just a dictionary and a bunch of grammatical rules; it’s an entire culture. People assume that language is all about how to speak and write, but it is definitely more than that. Some cultures refer to certain objects as either masculine or feminine. These differences allow the description of these objects or things in a diversity of ways. The use of adjectives changes in this case. The way the words are spoken, the correct emphasis, the changes and differences in accents from various parts of the country, and the “traditional” dialogue that happens in certain situations such as asking for proposals and speaking in a tribal meeting. Language learning apps and language learning online are great if you are at home but what travel teaches you, the books can never come across.

Easier and Better

Here at Kaleela, we like to keep it real. We do believe that learning any language, whether it was Arabic or Russian, it definitely needs a lot of thinking, studying and drilling of information. It feels as if your cognitive skills are on fire. Well, you would be surprised to know that it is MUCH easier to learn a language and you end up taking in more than you actually thought you did. It seems pretty surprising and you’d assume that you would forget the words you memorized, but that is not the case at all. You will go home and the habits that you have practiced, including the language you have been speaking, will go home with you. ,.

Fun Learning

Children don’t like going to school because learning is such a boring process to them, which is something that we cannot disagree with… sometimes. This is an absolute exceptional case. Learning while you are doing whatever it is you want to do, say for example, go out and eat, meet new people, visit beautiful tourist sites, tick off boxes of challenges and accomplishments you never thought you would tick off…aaaaaand learn a new language. How fun is that right? You are taking more practice in a more distributed way throughout your day AND you are having fun. Sounds like the perfect recipe to me. 

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