How do Middle Eastern countries celebrate Christmas?

Maybe you’re thinking about traveling to the Dubai expo over the winter holidays and wondering that very question. After all, you’ve already learned the dos and don’ts in Arab countries.

You also know that Dubai is predominantly Muslim, so it only begs you to question: “Do Arabs celebrate Christmas?

Well, the answer is that, yes, there are many Middle Eastern cities that celebrate Christmas. What’s more, today we’ll be taking a closer look at one of those cities – Dubai. Indeed, what city seems a better fit for the silver and gold celebrations of Christmas than the “City of Gold”? Sure, it won’t be a white Christmas, but you’ll still have loads of holiday fun.

Actually, You CAN Have a White Christmas in Dubai

Dubai’s average daily temperature in December is a balmy 79°F (26°C) with a low of about 72°F (22°C) at night.  Added to those warm temps is the fact Dubai sees an average rainfall during the month of only about 0.59” (15 mm). Thus, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see snow on Christmas Day

Nonetheless, if it’s really a white Christmas that you want, head over to Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort and snow park with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area. The park is located in the Mall of the Emirates and maintains a temperature 30°F to 35°F (-1°C to 2°C) year-round. Since it’s one of the world’s largest shopping malls, you can also get plenty of Christmas shopping done as well.

Get Stuffed!

When it comes to Christmas dinner, Dubai has everything you need to for the traditional holiday meal. Indeed, you’ll find that five-star hotels, cafés and restaurants across the city go all-in with their Christmas menus. We’re talking turkey and all the trimmings, delectable rib-eyes, and mouth-watering legs of lamb. Certainly, you’ll find everything you need to make you feel like there’s no place like Dubai for the holidays.

Every Day is Like Christmas Day

With or without the Christmas tree, Dubai is still a Muslim country, so it’s pretty much like every other day of the year. Yep, even their full of Christmas decorations, Dubai hypermarkets, shopping malls, and bars are open and closed at the usual times. However, Dubai’s churches do recognize the day as a holiday. There’s St. Mary’s in Oud Metha and St. Francis if you’re staying in the southern part of the city.

So you see, if you’re planning on spending the holidays in Dubai, Christmas 2021 is the perfect time to go.

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