A Different Perspective: Medical Tourism In The Arab World

Dina Sarayra 2/1/2022

Countries in the Arab world compete every day. The Arab region is very unique in its doctors and medicine. In fact, it is so special that it turned into a sector of its own.

Yes, we are talking about medical tourism in all Middle Eastern countries.

Arab doctors are ones known all around the world. Their reputation is far and beyond Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the entirety of Africa.

Post Corona Virus: The New Tourism

Although the pandemic was difficult for all countries, it made some wealthier. Arabic hospitals turned their countries into tourist sites just for medicinal purposes. For one, it is much cheaper than European countries. The difference in currencies plays a huge role in this. Another important point is that Arab doctors have endless practice.

Investment in Medicine

It is common knowledge that many Arab families want their children to be doctors and engineers. In fact, this information is so known that people use it in memes every day.

It comes as no surprise that this cultural interest will result in something. This particular thing is the huge number of doctors. These medical practitioners need patients to work on. Although there are many Arab patients, people are doing more to bring more patients. There is so much marketing done to bring people to the Arab region.

Dubai HealthCare City

Yes, you read that correctly. This is an entire city that deals with health care. It only gives insight on how much medical businesses and tourism thrived in the Middle East. The city includes five different hospitals, over 4000 medical professionals, and 100+ clinical facilities. Not only this, but it adds recreational facilities such consultancies and retail outlets that support the medical city.

The competition is very high and therefore, many people expect to see more of these “cities” around the MENA.

The List

So many specialist researchers predicted the cities which will see this type of tourism. At the top of the list is Abu Dhabi. Then, another gulf country, namely Bahrain and followed by the one and only Dubai. The list continues to mention: Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, and finally Saudi Arabia.

Whenever anyone thinks of tourism, he or she thinks of monuments and statues. However, with viruses controlling the world, medicine took over.

There are other countries which are medical tourist sites. This includes Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Syria, and Yemen. However, their future is not predictable enough to make it to our previous list.

The Most Powerful

At the moment, Turkey is on the top of all its competitors. Not only is it a politically-stable country, but it uses the currency power. The difference in currencies plays a major role because European countries can be so expensive. It covers everything from surgeries to skin care to transplants. Everything the expensive Western market does, Turkey does it cheaper. Some even say that the country does it better.

GCC countries find themselves easily competing as there is good cash flow. However, countries like Jordan, Iran, Lebanon and many more find it a bit more challenging. Some can’t compete due to financial reasons and some due to the country’s instability.

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