A capital is the seat of a nation. Moreover, it often also serves as the chief finance, people, cultural, or academic center of a country. In fact, they so closely relate to their countries that the news will quite often use the name of the city instead of the name of the capital’s country. For example, “deals made between Amman and Cairo” refer to “deals made between Jordan and Egypt”.

Capitals of the Arab World

First, here are the capitals of Middle East and North Africa:

Arab CountryArab Capital
KuwaitKuwait City
UAEAbu Dhabi
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh
PalestineRamallah/ Jerusalem

Besides that, not only are there capitals of nations, there are a number of capitals in Islam throughout the region. For instance, Mecca is known as the holy capital or center of Islam. Medina is known as the Muslim state center of Islam. Also, Damascus is thought of us as the regal center of Islam, and Baghdad is believed to be the academic capital of Islam. Lastly, there is Cairo, thought of as the rebel capital of Islam.

Arab capitals in modern times

Moreover, in 1996, under the UNESCO Cultural Capitals Program, the Arab League began a program. The goal of the program was to promote Arab culture and teamwork in the Arab region. The program is known as the Arab Capital of Culture. The first aim of the program is to confirm the value of a union of Arab culture and present a clear image of the Arab and Muslim culture. Second, the program aims to get the people living in the nations involved. Third, the program tries to provide more fiscal and social growth to the cities. Finally, it helps to strengthen the sharing of cultures between Arab countries and other nations of the world. In 2020, the cultural capital of the Middle East is Bethlehem, Palestine and in 2021 it will be Irbid, Jordan followed by Kuwait and Tripoli in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

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