Many people choose to learn a foreign language. Arabic is one example. But what are the benefits of learning Arabic language or any foreign language for that matter? Today, we will cover these advantages. Not to mention, we’ll answer the question “Why is it important to learn about Arabic culture and Islam?”, why Arabic is the best language, and why Arabic is important to us. Don’t worry; this is not another short essay on the importance of Arabic language in Arabic or English. We will simply give you all the pros without bias.


One of the most important aspects of a human being is communication. How we send and receive information is essential for our existence and growth. If you speak one language i.e. your mother tongue, you’re covered for speakers of that language. However, if you speak a foreign language such as Arabic, you open another door of opportunity to effectively communicate with others who also speak Arabic.

This door is quite a big one as well. You’ll find out why below.


It has become clearer that a language is more than just words spoken. It is an in-depth insight on the culture, religion, and traditions of the language speakers. We mentioned earlier that you’ll have more doors for communication and this one, in particular, is quite a large one. This is because Arabic is not just another foreign language, it is also the language of the Quran. Islam is currently the biggest religion with millions of people practicing it every day.

Part of the Islamic religion is the recitation of a verbal prayer and the Quran on a daily basis. This happens during physical prayer, which happens five times a day. But it also does while they are going through their daily routines. This is to ensure that God or Allah is always there with them so he can bless their lives in everything they do. None of this can be done unless you speak some Arabic. This highlights the importance of learning Arabic in Islam.

Imagine being able to speak a language that millions of people do around the globe? This is only one of the reasons why Arabic is the best language. You hit two birds with one stone.

Now you may ask: Why is it important to learn about Arabic culture and Islam? Well, seems that millions of people are Muslims, you ought to encounter one at any given point in time. You may not understand what he or she is doing. Instead of asking them about it, you would be educated to have a conversation about it instead.


From a more scientific point of view, learning a foreign language can actually improve your memory. This is because you have trained it to remember words and phrases. You also gave your brain the chance to practice switching from one syntactic system to another. Imagine your brain like a bunch of routes. You walk through some and others have a trail of footsteps. When you learn a new language, you are turning these nomad lands into lively neighborhoods. These barely visible trails turn into proper roads that you can go back to when you need it. You are energizing certain parts of the brain that you would have never done so, if you haven’t learned a new language.

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