Arabic Alphabet always has something extra to offer. It has these special letters that distinguish it from other languages. It is interesting how each language has some letters that characterize it from other languages, especially in terms of pronunciation. One of the distinguishing Arabic letters will be brought out today. After studying a few letters in the Arabic alphabet, it's time to move on to the letter ghain.

The pronunciation of ghain غ is one of the challenging letters to pronounce in Arabic. The letter ghain isn’t equivalent to any of the English letters. However, in order to pronounce it correctly, the Arabic letter ghain is pronounced gh as a French r. moreover, the letter ghain is generally pronounced like a g as in Garden, but further back in the throat.

Last but not least, to help you pronounce it properly, try practicing producing the sound/gh/ by gargling water in your mouth; that is exactly how it is pronounced. Furthermore, the letter ghain only functions as a consonant letter. You will find everything you need about the letter ghain in today's blog. How it looks like, its shapes depending on its position in a word and some words with the letter ghain.

Get to know the letter ghain in Arabic

Before we start with the shapes of the letter ghain, we need to demonstrate an important note that states that the letter ghain can be connected from both sides. As shown below in the table. The second group (2nd group) shows letters that can be connected from both sides. Some Arabic letters can only be connected from the right side (1st group).

1st group: 

Connected from the right side


2nd group: 

Connected from both sides


The letter ghain falls in the second group. ghain connects itself from both sides. So, let us get to know the letter ghain and give some Arabic words with ghain after the video.

As can be seen in the video, this is the shape of the letter ghain standing alone. The form of the letter ghain changes depending on where it appears in a word. So, we can have it either at the beginning of the word (initial), middle of the word (medial), or ending of the word (final). But firstly, notice that the letter ghain is easy to write and it looks like an inverted 3 with a dot on top. If it is standing alone, it looks like this “غ.” Now, let us get to know the different shapes of the letter ghain and give some Arabic words with ghain.

ghain shapes

The letter ghainhas4 forms, depending on its position in the word

Initial (غ): When it comes at the beginning of a word: 

It looks like a crescent moon followed by a straight line with a dot on top.

As in:         غــزال /ghazaal/   which means Dear

Medial: 1) While being connected (ـغـ): 

It looks like an upside-down triangle preceded and followed by straight lines with a dot on top.

As in:            ببــغــاء            /babbaghaa’/    which means Parrot

                     2) While not being connected (غـ):

It looks like a crescent moon followed by a straight line with a dot on top.

     As in:           رغـوة    /raghwah/      which means Foam

Final: 1) While being connected (ـغ):

Final connected ghain looks like an upside-down triangle linked to the English letter C with a dot on top. 

     As in:         صمــغ    /Samgh/      which means Glue

       2) While not being connected (غ):

Final disconnected ghain looks like a tiny crescent moon linked to the English letter C and a dot on top.

   As in:           دمـاغ    /dimaagh/  which means Brain

To wrap up






                                /ghazaal/      غــزال 



                        ببــغــاء    /babbaghaa’/     

                          رغـوة   /raghwah/


              صمــغ   /Samgh/

        دمـاغ   /dimaagh/      

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