Surely everyone remembers their early school days when their teacher would give a class about body parts and follow it up with exercises to identify them. Well, since most people start to learn Arabic by memorizing various words to enhance their vocabulary as much as possible, we decided that that day is here again. Here is our article dedicated to body parts in Arabic. More than likely, you‘ll also hear them in your daily conversations, either as idioms, metaphors or even in random conversations.

Here is our list

Eyes in ArabicAinعين
Ear in ArabicOthonاذن
Teeth in ArabicAsnanأسنان
Mouth in ArabicFamفم
Nose in ArabicAnfأنف
Hand in ArabicYadيد
Leg in ArabicQadamقدم
Hair in ArabicSh’arشعر
Face in ArabicWajahوجه
Eyebrow in Arabicalhajibالحاجب
Head in ArabicRa’sرأس
Cheeks in ArabicKhdoodخدود
Jaw in Arabicfakفك
Tongue in Arabiclisanلسان
Lip in Arabicshifaشفة
Finger in ArabicAl’iisbeالإصبع
Arm in ArabicDhiraeذراع
Wrist in Arabicrisghرسغ
Thumb in Arabic‘iibhamإبهام
Fingernail in Arabiczufurظفر
Knee in ArabicRakbaركبة
Forehead in ArabicJabiynجبين
Neck in ArabicRaqabahرقبه
Shoulder in Arabickatafكتف
Waist in Arabicwasatوسط
Elbow in Arabickueكوع
Chest in Arabicsadarصدر
Stomach in Arabicbatanبطن
Ankle in Arabickahilكاحل
Toe in Arabic‘iisbae qadamإصبع قدم
Chin in Arabicdhaqanذقن
Back in Arabiczaharظهر
Hip in Arabickhasiraخاصرة

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