How do you feel right now? What do you say when you’re happy or surprised, worried or embarrassed? Sometimes we have beautiful things to say and at other times, nastier things to utter. Sometimes we might be on the giving end of these things and occasionally on the receiving side of them.

Our ability to interact with each other and manage our relationships with our peers depends considerably on our ability to decipher emotions and feelings. Moods are part of our life and we should embrace them and manage them to our advantage. So can you express your emotions in Arabic? In this article we are going to learn about the different moods and emotions and how to describe them in Arabic along with some other emotion-related words.

Here are our examples:

To feel in ArabicYasha’arيشعر
Feeling in ArabicMasha’erمشاعر
Emotion in ArabicAwatefعواطف
To fall in love in ArabicYaqa’يقع
Passion in ArabicShaghafشغف
Love in ArabicHubbحبّ
Hate in ArabicKarahiyyaكراهية
Desire in ArabicRaghbehرغبة
To cry in ArabicYabkiيبكي
Tears in ArabicDumu’دموع
To insult in ArabicYuheenيهين
Happy in ArabicSa’eedسعيد
Sad in ArabicHazeenحزين
To scream in ArabicYasrukhيصرخ
Tired in ArabicTa’banتعبان
Depressed in ArabicMukta’ebمكتئب
Jealous in ArabicGhayoorغيور
Envious in ArabicHasoodحسود
Surprised in ArabicMutfaje’منفاجئ
To forgive in ArabicYusamihيسامح
Proud in ArabicFakhurفخور
Relaxed in ArabicAistirkha’استرخاء
Worried in ArabicQaleqقلق
To laugh in ArabicYadhakيضحك
Annoyed in ArabicMunzaeijمنزعج
Frustrated in ArabicMuhbatمحبط
Angry in ArabicGhadibغاضب
Embarrassed in ArabicMuhrajمحرج
Sensitive in ArabicHassasحساس
Calm in ArabicHudu’هدوء
Lonely in ArabicWahidوحيد
Friendly in ArabicWadudودود
Afraid in ArabicKhayifخائف
Confident in ArabicWathiqواثق
Stubborn in ArabicAneedعنيد
Greedy in ArabicJasheجشع
Generous in ArabicKariimكريم
Loving in ArabicMahabunمحب
Kind in ArabicTayyibطيّب
Polite in ArabicMu’addabمؤدب
Lazy in ArabicKasulكسول
Brave in ArabicShuja’شجاع
Curious in ArabicFuduleeفضولي
Honest in ArabicSadaqصادق
Naive in ArabicSadhajساذج
Optimistic in ArabicMutafa’ilمتفائل
Pessimistic in ArabicMutasha’imمتشائم
Funny in ArabicMudhikمضحك

Please note that in Arabic the preposition you usually use with emotions is من / min.

For example:

Embarrassed bymuhraj minمحرج من
Angry atghadhib minغاضب من
Surprised atmutfaje’ minمنفاجئ من

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