Get Smart on Your Smartphone: Using a Mobile Phone in Arabic

Gary Greer 11/3/2021
About Arabic language

If you’re a regular globetrotter (jawal in Arabic), you’ll likely find yourself in the Middle East at some point. And unless you have a global mobile plan, you’ll likely need a Middle Eastern mobile service to use your smartphone. What’s more, you’ll have to learn certain phrases like “I have to charge my phone” in Arabic. Maybe you’ll have to make a call in Arabic or text message in Arabic and you’ll need to know what to say. Whatever the case may be, Kaleela has you covered in the Arabic language. (As far as your smartphone coverage – sorry, you’re on your own.) Today we are going to provide you with some common Arabic phrases in Arabic for using your Smartphone. Note, too, that if you have to send a text or make a call in Arabic, Google translate doesn’t help. This is because Arabic is made up of many dialects and subtle nuances Google doesn’t pick up on. That being said, let’s get started.

Arabic Words and Phrases For Using Your Smartphone

mobile/cellular phone: alhatif almahmwlالهاتِف المَحمول 
smartphonehatif dhaky or samart fun   سمارت فون or هاتِف ذَكي 

First, let’s start with what kind of phone you have.

More Common Arabic Words for Smartphone Use

 Now let’s learn some common smartphone vocabulary in Arabic

phone numberraqm alhatif or raqm talafwnرَقم الهاتِف or رَقم تَلَفون
to call/dialyattasil bi or yahky maeيَتَّصِل بـِ  or يَحكي مَع
call (noun)mukalamمُكالَمة
text messagerisalt nasyt or risalatan qasiraرِسَالة نَصية or رِسَالَةً قَصِيرَة 
to text yursil risalatan qasirat or “yabeat “msja” ‘aw “tikisti”يُرْسِلُ رِسَالَةً قَصِيرَة  or “يَبْعَتمسجأوتكست
to answer a call ???يُجِيب / يَرُدّ
number is busy  alrraqam mashghwlالرَّقَم مَشْغول
phone plankhat tilifunخَط تلفون
to chargeyashhnيَشحن 
and charger is shahinشاحِن
I need to charge my phonelazim ‘iishhn tilfuni  لازِم إشحن تلفوني   
Sim cardsharyht mubayilشَريحة موبايل
to turn off phoneyutfy alhatif  يُطفئ الهاتف  
put the phone in silent modeyade alhatif fi wade alsamitيَضع الهتِف في وَضْع الصامِت
Wi-Fiway fayواي فاي
Is there Wi-Fi? fi way fay?في واي فاي؟ 
download an appyuhamil tatbyqيُحَمِل تَطبيق
ringtone naghamنَغَمة 
What’s your phone ringtone?  shu naghmat tilfunk?شو نغمة تلفونك؟ 
Internet packagehuzmt alantirnitحُزْمة الانترنت
take a picturesurat yakhudh suratan  صورة  يأخُذ صورة  

One quick tip: It’s a good idea to learn your mobile number in Arabic. It makes it much easier for people like your possible future employer or you newest Arab friend to understand.

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