Root Words

When you want to learn Arabic, it is important to build your Arabic vocabulary. This is to be able to speak, read, understand and write Arabic. The Arabic language has many interesting dialects. However, Arabic language learners tend to learn the traditional Arabic. In other words, it is the written Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Luckily, a lot of Arabic words have a root word. They all have a related meaning. We will go through some simple ways to learn and expand your Arabic vocabulary.

First Things First

First of all, you have to read and listen to as much Arabic as you can. This will create a passive memory as you are repeating certain words and getting exposed to them on the regular. Eventually, you learn these words and so the more words in your passive memory, the better. To do so, you could play Arabic recording of MSA on a daily basis for 30-60 minutes.

Let’s Head in Another Direction

Another way to expand your vocabulary is by trying to find the root word. This is a grouping method that works in this particular language that luckily exists in this language. It also might be confusing at first. But it will expand their Arabic vocabulary. This is due to the fact that it would help you guess the meaning of the word based on its’ root and similar related words. You can memorize Arabic vocabulary by grouping them in other ways such as with synonyms and antonyms. Arabic speaking children tend to do such activities in their Arabic classes. It helps them relate words to each other and learn the Arabic synonyms and antonyms of some words.

Grouping words into a meaningful group helps the Arabic language learner relate words to each other and categorize them. It also allows for one to process Arabic words and their meaning at a deeper level. You can also expand your Arabic vocabulary by relating them to their English meaning. This would allow you to connect between the languages and comprehend Arabic at a greater level.

A Little More on That Point

To take this one step further, you can also place Arabic words with their English meaning around the house, which will allow you to actively remember it. You can also practice Arabic online using sources that might test you in a variety of ways. An example of this is by asking you to fill a sentence using an Arabic word, or asking you to label certain objects correctly in Arabic.

The Right Way

With that, it is important to utilize and exhaust all your options to attain the language to a high level. Finally, make sure to try speaking Arabic as much as you can. This is especially helpful if you have an Arabic speaker who regularly talks to you. This person would be able to converse in Arabic. Therefore, build your confidence in speaking Arabic.

So what’s the best way to learn Arabic words and their meanings? It would ultimately go down to the person and which method they prefer. Nevertheless, learning languages is all about practice so don’t forget to practice your Arabic!

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