I have worn many hats throughout my professional career. My very first job as a teenager was working as طاه – taahi (cook) at a famous fast food restaurant. Later, I was a مشغل الراديو – mushghil arraadyu (radio operator), حارس أمن – haaris ‘amn ( security guard),  خطاط – Khatat (sign painter), and even worked for a while in بناء الطرق – binaa’ atturuq (road construction) painting the lines on the road.

After studying English Communications at university, I was a  مدير المبيعات – mudeer almabee’aat (sales manager) until I moved to Amman and became an معلم لغة انجليزية  – mu’alim lugha injleeziyah (English teacher). Amman has also afforded me other opportunities for employment including working as an الممثل – almumathil (actor), محرر – muharir (editor), and finally, my dream job as a كاتب – kaatib (writer). If the old saying is true about a job defining who a person is, then I guess I’m many people – a veritable “jack-of-all-trades” or roughly translated from English to Arabic as جاك متعدد المهن – jak muta’adid almihan (Jack-Multi-Professions).

However, before I moved to the Middle East and started to learn Arabic, I had no idea how to speak Arabic and explain my past employment history when looking for a job. So you don’t make the same mistake, today’s post is going to be about what you do for a living.

Here is a list of some Arabic vocabulary for professions:

Profession in Arabic مهنة mihnah
Worker in Arabicعامل
‘aamil (m)
‘aamilah (f)
Employee in Arabicموظف
mowazaf (m)
mowazafah (f)
Colleague in Arabicزميل
zameel (m)
zameelah (f)
Retiree in Arabic متقاعد عن العمل
متقاعدة عن العمل
mutaqaa’id a’n il-‘amal (m) mutaqaai’dah a’n il-‘amal (f)
Unemployed in Arabic عاطل
‘aatil (m)
‘aatilah (f)
Jobseeker in Arabicباحث عن عمل
باحثة عن عمل
baahith a’n ‘amal (m)
baahithah a’n ‘amal (f)
Doctor in Arabicطبيب
tabeeb (m)
tabeebah (f)
Journalist in Arabicصحفي
sahafi (m)
sahafiyah (f)
Engineer in Arabic مهندس
muhandis (m)
muhandisah (f)
Boss in Arabicرئيس العمل
رئيسة العمل
ra’ees al’amal (m)
ra’eesat al’amal (f)
Director in Arabicمدير
mudeer (m)
mudeerah (f)
Manager in Arabic مدير, مديرة mudeer (m), mudeerah (f)
Secretary in Arabic سكرتير, سكرتيرة sikrteer (m), sikrteerah (f)
Driver in Arabic سائق, سائقة saai’q (m), saai’qah (f)
Farmer in Arabic مزارع, مزارعة
فلاح, فلاحة
muzaari’ (m), muzaari’ah (f)
falaah (m), falaahah (f)
Baker in Arabic خباز, خبازة khabbaz (m), khabbazah (f)
Salesman in Arabicموظف مبيعات
موظفة مبيعات
muwazaf mabe’aat (m)
muzafat mabe’aat (f)
Nurse in Arabicممرض
mumarrid (m)
mumarridah (f)
Policeman in Arabicشرطي
shurti (m)
shurtiyah (f)
Chef in Arabic طاه
taahi (m)
taahiyah (f)
Teacher in Arabicمعلم
mua’llim (m)
mua’llimah (f)

Is your profession not on the list? Drop us a line at kaleela.com and we’ll add it to our next one.

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