Why You Should Get Travel Insurance Online for Jordan

Gary Greer 1/8/2023
Arab Culture

So, you’ve been studying Arabic for awhile and would like to visit Jordan to practice what you’ve learned huh? Well, as it’s full of history, culture, and delicious food, Jordan is a good place to start. It’s home to otherworldly deserts, beach resorts and both modern and ancient cities. It’s no wonder “Jordan First”  is their motto because it’s really the first place in the Middle East to visit. Still, as lovely as all of this sounds, things can happen. That why when it comes to travel insurance, Jordan is one of the places you should have it before traveling.

In fact, it’s not really an option these days, but a must for travel to the kingdom. So, what are these travel requirements? Let’s take a look.

Jordan Travel Insurance Requirements

Nowadays, when it comes to travel insurance, international travel laws require you to have travel insurance before entry. As a result, regarding requirements for travel insurance, Jordan is no different.

As of May 9, 2022, all visitors to Jordan must have travel medical insurance for entry into the kingdom. Therefore, medical insurance should be a top priority when planning a trip to Jordan.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Jordan?

First and foremost, there is overall “best” travel insurance plan.  The truth is everyone has different insurance needs. In fact, your travel policy will be as unique as you are.

Still, you’ll want to start with the basics by first getting what’s necessary for you to enter the country. This means, at the very least, you’ll want medical coverage that includes COVID-19.

Of course, you can then also opt for more robust medical coverage to avoid the financial strain on your wallet. For instance, many insurance companies offer at least $50,000 for medical coverage. This usually covers COVID-19 as well as any other injuries or illnesses. What’s more, they usually also reimburse you for hospital and doctor fees.

Coverage for Jordan often also includes dental treatment and emergency evacuation. Other things you may want covered in your travel plan are any pre-existing health conditions, trip cancellation and interruption, and accidental death.

How Much is this Going To Cost You?

We realize that keeping within your budget is a basic concern for those planning a trip to Jordan.

Still, the price of travel insurance for Jordan varies because it depends on both trip details and coverage. That is, higher coverage may cost more, but help you out more in an emergency.

What’s more, the length of your tip also place a factor in travel insurance costs. As a general rule, the shorter the trip, the lower the cost.

The number of tourists being covered and their age also plays a factor in the cost.

The best thing to do is enter travel insurance Jordan online in a search engine. From there you can compare providers, coverage and prices to find a plan that’s right for your trip to Jordan.

Happy travels!

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