Every year when their birthdays come around, you’ll likely find that many of those living in the West reminiscing about the birthdays of their youths. 

Most were simple affairs with balloons, mom’s homemade cake, a few family and friends, beautifully wrapped presents, singing “Happy Birthday to You” and the ceremonious blowing out of the candles.

Some years were special with a party at a fast food joint or pizza parlor or, as you got older, dinner at a fancy restaurant with the whole restaurant staff coming out to sing their version of “Happy Birthday to You.” 

Party Time Arabian Style

Of course, birthdays are special days all around the world, and these days most cultures of the Middle East celebrate birthdays pretty much the same way everyone else in the world does. Arabs who celebrate usually do so with a cake and a /Haflah/ or “party”, especially for the kids. 

Adults, on the other hand, might meet with friends at a favorite café or restaurant with the staff coming out with birthday cake singing the recently traditional birthday song سَنَة حِلْوَة يا جَميل/sanah Hilwah yaa gameel/ or literally translated - “Sweet Year, Beautiful!”  However, instead of making a wish and blowing out the candles, many celebrants in the Middle East are the first to cut the cake, holding the knife upside-down for luck while doing so, and making their wish at the same time. (What’s more, they also get to eat that first piece of cake.)

Though gifts such as toys, clothes, and sweets may be given to the birthday boy or girl, adults usually just treasure the gift of their friends who’ve gathered around to celebrate another year of life with them. 

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Arabic Wherever You Are

So, how do say “Happy Birthday” in Arabic, anyway? Well, just as there are many dialects throughout the Arab world, so there are also many ways to wish someone a “Happy Birthday” on their special day. Here are a few of them in the same dialects we teach here at Kaleela:

How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Different Arabic Dialects





Modern Standard Arabic

عيدُ ميلادٍ سَعيد!

/ʻeedu meelaadin saʻeed/

Happy Birthday!


كُلِّ سَنَة وإِنتَ طَيّب (m.)

كُلِّ سَنَة وإِنتِ طَيّبَة (f.)

/kulli sanah w ʼinta Tayyb/(m.)

/kulli sanah w ʼinti Tayybah/ (f.)

Happy Birthday

Literally; (Hope every year is good.)

Saudi Arabian

كُل عام وإِنْت بخير

/kul ʻaam u ʼint bkhair/

Happy Birthday

Literally; (Hope every year is good.)


كُل سَنِة وإنتَ سالِم/ كُل عام وإِنتَ بخير

/kul saneh u ʼinta saalim//kul ʻaam u ʼinta bkhair/

Happy Birthday

Litrally; (Hope every year is good.)


كُل عام وإِنْت بخير

/kul ʻaam u ʼint bkhair/

Happy Birthday

Literally; (Hope every year is good.)


كِل سِنِة وإِنتَ سالِم

/kil sinih u ʼinta saalim/

Happy Birthday

Literally; (Hope every year is good.)

Go Ahmed! Go Ahmed! It’s Your Birthday! It’s Your Birthday!

If you want to feel like a local the next time you’re invited to a birthday party, you might want to learn the lyrics to the Arabic Happy Birthday song so you can sing along and not try to get away with lip-syncing them:

(Sung to the tune of the traditional Happy Birthday to You)

/sanah Helwah yaa gameel/




سَنَة حِلوَة يا جَميل, سَنَة حِلوة يا جَميل, سَنَة حِلوة يا (الإسم), سَنَة حِلوة يا جَميل!

/sanah Hilwah yaa gameel,

sanah Hilwah yaa gameel,

sanah Hilwah yaa (name),

sanah Hilwah yaa gameel/

Happy New Year, beautiful. Happy New Year, beautiful. Happy New Year (name). Happy New Year, beautiful!

So, now you’re ready to party (or just wish your Arabic-speaking friend or colleague a “Happy Birthday!” in Arabic. And if you just happen to be reading this on your birthday, well, عيد ميلاد سَعيد

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