Cruising to the Crusader Fortress Known as Karak Castle

Gary Greer 5/6/2020
Arab Culture

Karak is a city in the Karak Governate which lies about 130 kilometers km (around 81 miles) south of the Jordan’s capital city of Amman. Atop a nearby hill is what remains of what once was a might Crusader fortress. The largest of three castles (the other two being in Syria) now lies in ruins near the city of Karak.

This ancient relic played a crucial role in the shaping of history. It was here where the fates of kings and nations were decided for centuries. The castle, reinforced with vaults and extra-strong doorways, was a Crusader stronghold built during the crusades.

When visiting, you might notice the white limestone areas of the castle. These are later add-ons made by the Arabs that took over after the Crusaders left. Within the castle grounds are the remnants of what was a majestic chapel that was built by the Crusaders.

From up here among the ruins, you get spectacular views that allow you to survey much of Jordan all the way to the Dead Sea. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Karak Archaeological Museum. This is especially if you’re one of those seeking to learn more about this fascinating site and the structures.

Unfortunately, this wonderful site is often passed by travelers who overlook it on their hurried way to Petra. However, Karak and its famous castle are more than deserving of a bit of attention. This city mentioned in the Bible on more than one occasion. It is here where the Syrians stopped before finally settling in the northern Levant region.

How to Get There

Looking at a map, you’ll see it’s about a 130 kms away from Amman.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Amman Tabarbour Terminal to Queen Alia Airport and from Queen Alia Airport to Karak. The whole ride takes about two and a half hours.

When to Visit

The hours for Karak Castle in Karak, Jordan, are daily from 8AM to 7PM, and Karak castle parking is free outside of the castle. Additionally, there are many shops and stalls outside the site if you need a break for tea. An entrance ticket to Karak Castle is 2 JD or is included with your Jordan Pass 

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