How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Arabic If You Speak English?

Dina Sarayra 7/25/2021
About Arabic language

Do you want to learn Arabic but worry about how much time it will take? Well this is the article for you! Keep reading for everything Arabic…the RIGHT way.

First Things First

Now don’t worry, you don’t need a ‘certain’ amount of time to acquire the language so how many hours to learn Arabic can be quite a silly question. It fundamentally depends on effort. So yes, you can acquire a language in, say, three months’ time.

Giving You the Numbers

This is despite CIA saying it takes around 1000 hours which is around 41 days and 16 hours! That is non-stop studying however which is practically impossible. What is more is the US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute says that it takes 4400 hours to learn a language. That’s even worse!

According to that, if you studied for 20 hours a week, it’ll take you 4 years to finally acquire the language. Realistically speaking, we wouldn’t actually study for 20 hours a week. If we studied for 5 hours a week that could be add up to more than a decade to be fluent in Arabic!

A Lot of Hours?! Not Exactly

Now now, lets’ not get discouraged. The point of this article is to encourage you to learn Arabic because it won’t necessarily take that long. So instead of asking questions like how many hours to learn Arabic or how many letters in Arabic, let’s explain how we can work together for you to learn Arabic!

It all depends on effort, dedication, commitment and focus and there are multiple ways you can approach this.

If you’re a native English speaker, you would acquire different languages at different speeds. This is because some languages relate to the English language and so have similar structure or vocabulary and would in turn make it easier for you to learn that specific language.

The Different Ways To Do This

Some of the way you can learn Arabic is by having a traditional language center that will teach you the language. If you aim to learn it because you purely just want to be able to communicate in that specific language, you should try to reach level B2 in the language. This will allow you to get by on every day conversation as well as be able to talk about different topics as you like.

Another thing you should do is writing and constructs your own sentences in that language to familiarize yourself with the language writing system. Arabic is a right to left language which different to English and much other language around the word. Arabic writing isn’t as hard as it sounds though; in fact it’s pretty cool since it isn’t popular.

Another Option

As an Arabic learner and since we live in the digital age, you can try having a tutor online. However, this should be an Arabic speaker who will speak to you in that certain language on a regular basis. This person will help you attain the language very quickly!

This is because having someone you can practice the language on will help to put your knowledge to practice and you will learn quicker. This is why going to a country where that language people speak allows people to attain a language quickly. When you are constantly surrounded by a native Arabic speaker and forced to used and hear Arabic, you can’t help but learn!

Other Things To Consider

But don’t worry, because this doesn’t mean you can’t attain it where you currently are. One way you can practice Arabic back at home is by always listening to the language. Try to download audios or videos that teach and listen to them while having lunch, exercising, or even driving!

To add to that, watch movies, series and even videos in Arabic and watch how fast you will get comfortable and understand it. Those are just some of the many ways that you can learn Arabic, which you totally should!

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