We know all about the struggles of learning Arabic the RIGHT way. To all non-natives out there we say: Welcome to Kaleela.

This is the one stop you will be making because you will not need another.

What is Kaleela you ask? We are more than happy to answer that.   

Who are we?

Kaleela is an Arabic-teaching app that functions to serve anyone who wants to learn Arabic. If you are English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian or Chinese, then you have the luxury of using the app in these languages.

We do respect phone diversity and so it is offered for both Android and iOS.

Whether you prefer Modern Standard Arabic MSA /Fusha/ for business purposes or Dialectal Arabic /Aamiya/ to connect with your Arabic family abroad, both options are available for you. When it comes to Aamiya, we offer you multiple selections that cover more than half of the MENA’s dialects: Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian-Jordanian, and Iraqi Arabic. 

What else?

If this is your first time learning the language, no problem. If you are looking to take your language to the next level, we also got you covered. Kaleela works itself towards you and not the other way around. In other words, you start with whatever level you are at right now, and it is all up from there.

Yes, this includes the “How to learn the Arabic alphabet” level too.

Learning Arabic for beginners can be challenging especially those who look for courses that teach how to read and speak Arabic for beginners. This app won’t only help you learn Arabic the right way, it will teach how to learn Arabic, too.

What do we offer?

So what do the courses offer? Pretty much everything you will need to be a native speaker of the Arabic language. This includes the Alif Baa Taa – Arabic version of ABC’s – all the way to situation-specific phrases, and everything in between.

Through Kaleela, you will know how to eat, sleep, drink, travel, shop, transport, work, live, oh and talk, Arabic. As a learner, your options are open to choose what it is you are interested in or would like to develop on, such as the various Arabic dialects. It is topic-based, so there is no systematic book-like chapter-by-chapter approach that bores everyone. You simply choose what you want and get learning.

You deserve to have the best and the best we shall serve.

This is why our app’s varied levels, which range from beginner to advanced, are based on international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  

How does it work?

Of course, after all that hard work of learning, we want to ensure that you will really use Arabic and use it correctly. This is why we offer a plethora of interactive and engaging activities and quizzes at the end of each level. These short assessments cover all the skills namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening all together as you would in real-life contexts.

We understand that grammar and vocabulary can be quiet tedious and unfavorable. In order for our app to be an effective language teacher, we established exceptional teaching methods to make the Arabic-learning journey a smoother one to fit the liking of each and every learner out there. People learn differently, and we did our homework.

With Kaleela, Arabic-learning will never be the same.