Learning Arabic Language: 1 Of The 5 Languages That Increase Income

Gary Greer 9/23/2020
About Arabic language

Did you know that learning another language can help you make more money? It’s true! With the recent COVID 19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of cities and towns all across the world, millions of people are going to be struggling to find full-time work again once the world starts opening back up. However, there is good news to come out of this. Taking time to learn a new language will help you find a job and also earn you more. Let’s see if learning Arabic language help you to earn that money.

What do studies say?

According to a recent report from the New American Economy (NAE), there is growing demand for bilingual talent in major industries in the United States. This is for especially those who learn to speak Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish. Furthermore, the demand for bilingual workers in the United States has more than doubled over the past five years. In 2015, there were roughly 630,000 job postings aiming to hire bilingual workers; by 2020 that figure has risen to around 1, 368,000.

According to the experts, once you land that job, knowing a second language can add between 10–15% to your salary. That means if you get hired to make $45,000USD a year with a 2% language increase and an annual raise of 1%, in 20 years, you can have an extra $67,000USD, simply because you speak another language.

Of course, this all also depends on the language you speak. For example, according to the Economist magazine, Spanish usually earns you a 1.5% bonus, French a 2.3% bonus, German a 3.8% bonus and when you learn Arabic language skills, the bonus is even higher because of the high demand, low supply of Arabic speakers in Europe and America. All in all, this means that you can upwards of $125,000  more just for knowing how to speak Arabic!

5 Languages to Learn and Earn

So, now you’re probably thinking “This sounds good, but what is the best foreign language to learn for a job?”. Well, let’s dig into the five best languages if you want to make more money and improve your career. Then, you can decide for yourself what language is best for you.

1. German

As we mentioned above, German is known to be the best language that will earn you the großes Geld (German for “big money”). It will help you to earn an extra € 125,000 (around $143,000USD) in bonuses. “But wait,” you might be saying, “By learning Mandarin, Japanese or Spanish, can’t I make more money in countries with a higher GDP?”. Well, the answer is yes, in most cases. However, Germany is a different case because it’s one of the three European powerhouses. This means that the language will be more economically important for an outsider rather than the language of a relatively more closed economy.

2. French

Many of you have probably thought that French is only spoken in France. However, you may be surprised to know that French is spoken by over 200 million people on 5 different continents around the world. So, you can see why it ranks as one of the most useful languages to learn. In fact, after English, it just so happens that French is second-most widely learned language in the world. So, knowing French opens the doors to not only companies in France, but also other French-speaking parts of the world as well. Think about Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and North and sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Spanish

Knowing how to speak Spanish has not only been an advantage for job seekers, but it’s become a necessity in places like the United States and Europe. No matter what line of business you’re in, fact is, the figures alone present a strong case to learn Spanish.  In addition to the sheer number of people you can reach In Europe and America, by knowing how to speak Spanish will help you do business in countries are quickly becoming powerhouses in the global economy such as Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. The best part? If you already speak English, Spanish is the easiest language to learn out of all the languages on our list.

4. Mandarin

Everybody knows China is the number one economy that has global influence around from Asia to the Americas. If you’re an international business owner, you already know that China is a goldmine of opportunities. It has a population of over a billion people that you can market to. The demand for people who speak Mandarin by American and multinational companies has risen 35% over previous years. Although it is a difficult language to learn, you can bet that your future boss will manage an increase in salary if you learn it.

5. Arabic

Arabic speaking countries are recognized as some of the wealthiest countries in the world and with over $600 billion in GDP, it’s not hard to see why learning Arabic language can help you get some of that money. There are, after all, an abundance of market opportunities through the Middle East, which makes Arabic the most profitable language to learn. Unfortunately, however,  as we mentioned before, Western Arabic speakers are in very high demand but in very low supply. This means if you take the time to learn Arabic, you can develop an international career in a variety of industries such as education, finance, journalism, foreign services, and more.

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