The Arabic language is special in that it didn’t change throughout history. However, some phrases and special words are used in Quranic Arabic. How do you understand Quranic Arabic? Well, there are a number of important tips that you could use in order to understand Quranic Arabic.

Why Learn Quranic Arabic?

A lot of Muslims and non-Muslims need to understand the Quran. In Islam, Quran is the main book of reference. It is a holy book that is used to refer to all rules and regulations that Muslims should abide by. There is nothing more accurate than the word of God, and this is what the Quran is. Whether you are a scholar looking into understanding the Islamic religion or a Muslim that doesn’t speak Arabic, this article is for you.

Quranic Arabic Grammar

You know how poetry can defy some rules and place words in a different order, but somehow still sound nice? Quranic Arabic is quite similar in that note. There is a way in which is written and it is quite different. It seems to defy the laws of common Quranic Arabic grammar. In reality, it is probably the most sophisticated form of Arabic grammar.

Quranic Arabic Reader

In general, there are common vocabulary words that tend to be repeated. The reason behind this is not exactly clear as this is a divine intervention. But if you are looking for such a list, you will find a list of common Quranic words. They even include percentages of their usage as this is a fixed book. Adding to that, the lists include nouns, verbs, and prepositions separately. It is only one click away.

Quranic Arabic Books 

Yes, there are books that help anyone out there who needs help. Some of these books are direct translations, while others are transliterations of Quranic Arabic. In all cases, they are

Quranic Arabic Language Course

There is nothing easier than taking a course. Yes, this means asking someone to help you. Some online courses are self-study ones while others provide you with assistance. This could include a real-life course or an online one.

Quranic Arabic Apps 

Finding the right app for you is just what you need if you have no time to follow up. Something that is always available and on-the-go, just like your lifestyle. Who says you can’t study Quranic Arabic and go on with your life normally? Exactly. No-one.

Perfect It 

If you are really looking to perfect your Quranic Arabic, then practice, practice, yes, do more practice. Do it the old way. Open the text books, and start studying the old school way.

It may sound boring, but there is no better way than to drill information in order to memorize it. The good news? Once you get the grasp and learn all the repeated vocabulary words and phrases, you will start to notice the pattern.

It is almost like a rhythm as there is a clear rhyming scheme within every Quranic Surah. The endings are similar and some phrases become quite predictable. Logically speaking, the entire Quran should preach the same concept throughout but would shed light on different areas.

Quranic Arabic Master

On a side note, learning about different religions allows you to have better insight on the world. It is always a good idea to learn a language, a culture, and its religion all at once!

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