Sociocultural Aspect of Language Learning: Everything You Need To Know

Dina Sarayra 8/8/2021
About Arabic language

Culture is what makes us unique and language and culture are intertwined. This means that even if you’re learning the Arabic language, you’re going to be mixing with Arabic culture inevitably because they are very linked!

In fact, did you know that the language of a people expresses their culture in different ways?

For example, you can really learn about Arabic culture from its’ Arabic expressions and Arabic phrases. Even more, Arabic literature will certainly express Arabic culture to you as well. This is very normal in learning a foreign language. It’s really hard to teach language without the culture butting in sometimes!


The way we express ourselves, address people, agree or disagree with someone all can be influenced depending on your culture. Did you know that Amazonians have around 100 words for the colour green? That’s the inevitable effect of their environment and culture on their language.

In the end, what we learn that language is an important element on culture. This is because culture is a social phenomenon that operates within a unique communicative system. It is otherwise known as a language in a case I lost you there.

They are both dependent on each other and not stand independently alone without each other. A researcher once found that people who had interest in Jordanian Arab culture learned Arabic fast. So hey, that’s an advice!

Looking At Things From The Right Perspective

Being interested in the people who are native to the language you’re learning can really accelerate your learning, and believe me, Arab culture is very rich and interesting! What’s more is that the Arab community would not disappoint as they will really help you in attaining the Arabic language.

The Varieties That Exist

Different Arabic speaking countries will have different Arabic expressions and phrases because they have different dialects from each other. Since Arab native speakers have different dialects they will also be different in their own society. From one Arab society to another Arab society, you will find that they might slightly differ in expressions or phrases.

I mean dang, there are 22 Arabic speaking countries!

They really do have a rich and beautiful culture AND language. But hey, just before you start to stress out because there are so many dialects and so, so many expressions and phrases, there are benefits to learning Arabic.

More About This

Study shows that your personal characteristics improves and gets shaped even more when learning a language and interacting with native speakers. It also develops your language learning. You don’t have to learn everything about every country or speak to all types of native speakers! You can pick a country if you wish and work from there.

It will really be much easier for you to learn Arabic that way. Studies have shown that there is certainly an interest in learning Arabic around the world – so you could be ahead of them! What’s better is if you move to an Arab country to learn because, as we have seen, it will really develop your Arabic language learning.

This is because you are in the right context which is helping you stimulate your ability to learn Arabic and know more about its’ culture. Not to mention the fact that you both practice and hear Arabic from its’ native speakers which is really awesome!

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