We’ve previously posted articles regarding the most common basic Arabic words. You could also check the post about the most important basic Arabic sentences. Let’s continue our series of Arabic basics. One of the most commonly looked words would be the colors in Arabic. Colors play a big role in the Arab culture, from religion and beliefs to literature. Some colors are packed with symbolism.

So let’s start with colors in Arabic

Black in Arabic‘aswadأسودArabs sometimes mention this color in sayings. A black-hearted (aswad al-qalb) person is one full of hatred
White in Arabic‘abyadأبيضWhite is associated with light, peace, purity, or even nature items as clouds, water, air, cotton
Blue in Arabic‘azraqأزرقLike much in the West, blue has the same connotations
Green in Arabic‘akhdarأخضرIt symbolizes truthfulness, goodness, growth, harmony, health, and safety
Yellow in Arabic‘asfarأصفرThe primary meaning for this color is associated with nature. It represents the color of the sun, autumn and the desert
Red in Arabic‘ahmarأحمرEven though red is associated with love, it is mostly packed with negative symbolism. It can provoke feelings of anger and some see it as the color of hardships and dangers.
Pink in ArabiczahreeزهريPink does not necessarily have a connotation in the Arab culture, as it is not one of the main colors
Orange in ArabicburtuqaleeبرتقاليSame as pink, orange does not have a special meaning to it
Purple in ArabicbanafsajeeبنفسجيSome say that purple is the color of royalty
Brown in ArabicbinneeبنيAgain, this color does not signify much

As you can see, there aren’t that many differences in significance for colors in the Arab culture and the Western culture. It might differ the way they are used in expressions or idioms, or the objects that have that specific color might have been used in different rituals or customs. All in all, we think that everyone can enjoy a bit of symbolism from time to time, and this would help you dwelve more into the Arabic culture.

In conclusion

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