Some of the best experiences in life are had when one travels abroad. Indeed, when you travel to another country and immerse yourself in its culture, it can be fun and exciting. However, speaking that country’s language, even if it’s just a few words, can offer you an even richer experience. For instance, while poring over those brochures of Petra, did you ever think about learning Arabic phrases for travel to make your trip to Jordan even more rewarding?

Listen to the locals

After all, isn’t it the locals who can tell you the best places to eat, sleep, and sightsee? Certainly, learning more than just how to say “hello” in Dubai offers tourists opportunities they’d never find in a guidebook. What’s more, when you travel in Arabic speaking countries, you’ll find most locals are friendly and happy to help.

This is especially true when some knows what to say in Arabic when someone is traveling. This is because Arabs really admire someone who attempts to speak their language. You see, they, too, realize that Arabic isn’t the easiest language to learn. Nevertheless, they’ll respect your effort. Besides that, when you speak to a native speaker of Arabic, you’ll be improving your Arabic language skills as well. Thus, you’ll be ensuring a richer and more rewarding experience no matter which Arabic speaking country you decide to travel to.

Essential Arabic phrases for travel

The Arabic word for travel is السفر / alsafar. Now that you’ve learn your first travel-related word in Arabic, let’s get you started on the rest of your journey.

Do you speak English in Arabic Hal tatahdath alenglizia?هل تتحدث الإنجليزية؟
Where can I get a taxi in ArabicAyna yomkinani al hosool ala sayara ojra?أين يمكنني الحصول على سيارة أجرة؟
I need a doctor in Arabichtaj tabeebأحتاج طبيبا
I need the police in Arabicahtaj ila alshorta?أحتاج إلى الشرطة؟
How much is this in Arabickam thaman hazaكم ثمن هذا؟
I am in Arabic Anaأنا
I’m from in ArabicAna menأنا من
Hello in Arabic      Ahlan أهلا
Goodbye in Arabicmaa alsalamaمع السلامة
Please in Arabic        men fadlakمن فضلك
Thank you in Arabicshokranشكراً
I’m sorry in Arabic    Ana asifأنا آسف
Can I have in Arabichal yomkinani alhosool ala …هل يمكنني الحصول على
Yes in Arabicnaam نعم
No in Arabiclaلا
What’s your name in Arabicma esmokما اسمك
How are you in Arabic  kaif halak?كيف حالك؟
Pardon in Arabicmaazira معذرة
Please repeat in Arabicberjaa al eaadaبرجاء الإعادة
Sorry I don’t understand in ArabicAsif la afhamآسف لا أفهم
Where is in Arabic ayn al…أين ال.. .
Welcome in Arabicahlan bekأهلا بك
I am lost in Arabicana ta’hأنا تائه
Can you help me in Arabichal yomkinak mosaadaty?هل يمكنك مساعدتي؟
Again please in Arabicmara okhra, men fadlakمرة اخرى، من فضلك
Great in Arabicaazim!عظيم
I am in Arabic ana….. أنا
How do I get to in Arabickaif azhab ela (almakan)(كيف أذهب إلى ( المكان
What time is it in Arabickam alwakt?كم الوقت؟

In conclusion

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