No matter how good your Arabic is, most people in Arabic speaking countries will know you’re not a native speaker, so if you’re a foreigner visiting or living in an Arab country, you might be frequently asked the following question: min ayn ant?/ من أين انت؟  . Basically, an Arab is asking you, “Where are you from?”

You can answer this simply with the country you’re from: ana min britania (I’m from Britain). But you can also answer by using the nationality form: ana britani  (I’m British).

Today we’ll be going over the names of European countries and their nationalities in Arabic.

Countries in Arabic

English NameArabic NameTransliteration
Albania in ArabicألبانياAlbania
Britain in ArabicبريطانياBritania
Austria in ArabicالنمساAl-namsa
Belgium in ArabicبلجيكاBaljika
France in ArabicفرنساFransa
Bulgaria in ArabicبلغارياBelgharia
Croatia in ArabicكرواتياKerwatya
Cyprus in ArabicقبرصKobros
Denmark in ArabicالدنماركDanimark
Germany in ArabicألمانياAlmania
Greece in ArabicيونانYunan
Hungary in ArabicهنغارياHengaria
Iceland in ArabicأيسلنداIceland
Ireland in ArabicأيرلنداIrlanda
Italy in ArabicإيطالياItalia
Netherlands in ArabicهولنداHolanda
Norway in ArabicالنرويجAl-narooj
Poland in ArabicبولنداBolanda
Portugal in ArabicالبرتغالAl-bortugal
Romania in ArabicرومانياRomania
Russia in ArabicروسياRusiya
Serbia in ArabicصربياSerbia
Spain in ArabicإسبانياEspania
Sweden in ArabicالسويدAl-suwaid
Switzerland in ArabicسويسراSweesra
Ukraine in ArabicأوكرانياOkrania

Nationalities in Arabic

Nationality English nameArabic nameTransliteration
Albanian in ArabicألبانيAlbani
British in ArabicبريطانيBritani
Austrian in ArabicنمساويNamsawe
Belgian in ArabicبلجيكيBaljiki
French in ArabicفرنسيFaransi
Bulgarian in ArabicبلغاريBulghari
Croatian in ArabicكرواتيKarwati
Cypriot in ArabicقبرصيKubrusi
Dane in ArabicدنماركيDinmarki
German in ArabicالمانيAlmani
Greek in ArabicيونانيYonani
Hungarian in ArabicهنغاريHanghari
Icelander in ArabicأيسلنديAyslandi
Irish in ArabicايرلنديErlandi
Italian in ArabicايطاليEtali
Dutch in ArabicهولنديHolandi
Norwegian in ArabicنرويجيNarweji
Polish in ArabicبولنديBulandi
Portuguese in ArabicبرتغاليBurtughali
Romanian in ArabicرومانيRumani
Russian in ArabicروسيRusi
Serbian in ArabicصربيSirbi
Spanish in ArabicاسبانيEsbani
Swedish in ArabicسويديSwedi
Swiss in ArabicسويسريSwesri
Ukrainian in ArabicاوكرانيOkrani

Finally, a list of sentences about languages, nationalities, and countries plus some bonus phrases

. For a complete list of commonly used sentences, please visit our Arabic Phrases article. Enjoy!

I speak Italianana atakalam alitaliaأنا أتكلم الإيطالية
My mother tongue is Germanlughati al um hiya alalmaniaلغتي الأم هي الألمانية
I want to go to Germanyureed an athaba ila almaniaأريد أن أذهب إلى ألمانيا
I don’t speak Koreanana la atakalam alkuriaأنا لا أتكلم الكورية
Spanish is easy to learnalespania hiya sahlat ata’alumالإسبانية هي سهلة التعلم
I have an American carladaya sayara amrekiaلديه سيارة أمريكية
I love French cheeseana uheb aljubn alfaransiأنا أحب الجبن الفرنسي
I’m Italianana italiأنا ايطالي
My father is Greekwalidi yunaanyوالدي يوناني
Long time no seelam araka mundu muddaلم أراك منذ مدة
I missed youeshtaktu lakاشتقت لك
Make yourself at home!albeyt beytukالبيت بيتك
I came from Spainje’tu men espaniaجئت من إسبانيا
Have a good triprehla muwafakaرحلة موفقة
I was born in Italylakad wuledtu fi italiaلقد ولدت في إيطاليا
I want to learn Spanishana ureed ta’alum alespaniaأنا أريد تعلم الاسبانية

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