Now that were already a few weeks into the New Year, maybe you’ve been thinking about finally picking up a new language in 2021. No matter the reason you want to learn one, however, choosing a language can be difficult; however, it doesn’t have to be.  That’s because to help you choose the right language for you, Kaleela presents these top languages that you can start learning today:

1. Spanish

With 400 million native speakers, Spanish is the official language of over 20 countries. In fact, Spanish is really one of the best languages to learn for English speakers in America. This is because 13% of the American population speaks Spanish.  As a result, a treasure trove of data can be found all over the internet to help you study and practice. That means you’ll be learning Spanish in no time at all!

2. Chinese

Spoken by 1.2 billion people, Chinese remains the world’s most broadly spoken language in 2021. However, not only learning to speak Chinese, but also learning how to write the language will be an extra benefit. This is because, although they speak many different dialects in Chinese, all of them use the same writing system. This means no matter where you travel in China, you’ll still be able to communicate though the written word. Furthermore, because China is fast becoming the most powerful business economy in the world, it’s one of the best languages to learn for the future for those looking for a career in global trade or diplomacy.

3. French

After English, French is the second-most widely learned second language in the world.  It’s not hard to see why. After all, 29 countries from all over the world list French as their official language. This means, besides France and Canada, you can simply use the French you learn in other countries like Tunisia, Senegal, or Switzerland. Also, French is an official language of the United Nations which is a plus if your learning French for a career in international service.

4. German

Did you know that German was almost the official language of the early United States? In the end, however, they chose to go with English. Nevertheless, that’s not why speakers of English might find that German seems a like you’ve seen it before. It’s simply due to the fact that they’re part of the same language family. Don’t let that fool you, however, because the grammar rules of German are a lot stricter than those in English.  Still, once you learn German, you hold the keys that open many of the Western world’s most important works of art and medicine.

5. Arabic

The language of the Arabs may not be one of the easiest languages to learn, but it surely is one of the most worthwhile to learn.   Most programs will start out teaching you Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). After all, learning MSA can help you talk with native speakers from almost every Middle Eastern country. However, it’s better to learn the local lingo of the certain Arab country you plan on going to. This will help you with day-to-day life while roaming around and making friends. For instance, some trendy dialects to learn include Egyptian, Levantine, and Moroccan.

Call us biased, but we believe that the best language for you to learn is Arabic. The good news is that it’s never been so easy to learn. It’s true! You can learn Arabic anyplace at any time thanks to the Kaleela Arabic learning app. In fact, it’s the best Arabic learning program that exists right now for download to your Android or iPhone device! Along with MSA, you can also learn other Arabic dialects like Egyptian, Levantine, and Syrian Arabic! Get the Kaleela Arabic language learning app from Google Play or App Store and start learning the language of the Arabs today!

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