Maybe you’re a professional looking to boost to your career. Then again, maybe you’re a college student who wants to add a language to your future career skills. Perhaps you’re just bored with all the free time you have now and you figure, “Why not learn a language?”

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn a new language, why not consider Arabic? Besides being a rich and rewarding language, there are many benefits that you’ll gain when you learn Arabic. Here are a few:

You’ll Be More Attractive

Well, you’ll be more attractive to U.S. government agencies and big industry recruiters, anyway. There is currently a great need for Arabic speakers by both public and private institutions. The problem for them is that the demand far exceeds the supply. However, you could be part of the solution. How? By starting a rewarding career right after college simply by learning Arabic. This will have you standing head and shoulders above the other 99% of college students who study other languages.

You’ll Be Richer

The Middle East’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, with plenty of job opportunities available, learning Arabic can help you get your foot in the door to a very rewarding career. In turn, you can be making a lot more money compared to the same position back home. Moreover, you’ll be richer in other ways, too. For instance, you’ll gain knowledge of the Arab culture and meet new friends and colleagues from all over the world. How rich is that?

You Can Dive Right In

Perhaps the greatest (and most fun) part about learning a language is language immersion. This is especially true in the Middle East where you’ll always find something exciting to do. Furthermore, not only will you find it’s the fastest way to learn Arabic, but you’ll also not find a more hospitable and friendly people anywhere else in the world like the Arabs. As a result, by immersing yourself in Arabic culture and traditions, you’ll get a grander picture of both the world and yourself.

Choose from 20 Countries to Visit, Live or Work in

Unlike other languages such as Chinese and Korean where you can only work and live in pretty much the same country, with Arabic you have 20 Arabic speaking countries to choose from. This means you have a wide variety of places to choose from to study Arabic.

What’s more is, because there are very few students who study Arabic, there are also few people who go to countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan or Lebanon. As we mentioned earlier, Middle Eastern countries are of very significant to the success of many U.S. companies and government organizations. Again with over 20 countries to choose from, your chances of finding the perfect position for you in the Middle East are much higher when you learn Arabic.

Nevertheless, whether it’s for studying working or just visiting some places on your bucket list, knowing Arabic will help you meet all of your expectations.

So, ready to start?

Whether you’re looking at learning Arabic for beginners or you just want to refresh some of the Arabic you already know, you can start learning Arabic online today with the Kaleela Arabic Learning app. It will take you from how to learn the Arabic alphabet to how to speak in Arabic dialect when you want and how you want to learn it. Find out more at and start learning Arabic now!

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