Syrian Arabic: A Preview of Kaleela’s Latest Course

Gary Greer 1/20/2020
Syrian Dialect

As some of you may already know, Kaleela has introduced a new course to its Arabic language learning app – Syrian Arabic! To give you a quick glance at the language, we’ve decided to present the following list of 50 important words and expressions you’ll learn as a part of this new and exciting course. So, without further ado, here they are:

Greetings and Farewells

English Transliteration Arabic
Hello! marhabaan مرحبا
Good morning! (sing/pl) sabah alkhyr صباح الخير
Hello! (sing/pl) alsalam ealaykum السلام عليكم
Good evening! (sing/pl) misa alkhayr مسا الخير
Good night! (sing/pl) tusbih ealaa khayr تصبح على خير
Bye! (informal) bi’ayi باي
Good bye! (formal.) salam سلام

Short Conversational Words

English Transliteration Arabic
yes iy اي
no la لا
maybe mumkin ممكن
OK mashi ماشي
Thank you! shukraan شكرا
You’re welcome! (m/f) aleafw العفو
Excuse me, … (sing/pl) efu عفوا
I’m sorry. (m/f) asif آسف
I (don’t) have … maei … (ma mey) معي … (ما معي
We (don’t) have … maeana …(mamieana) معنا …(مامعنا
There is (no) … fia..(ma fi..) في..(ما في..)
very cold bard katir برد كتير
very warm shub katir شوب كتير
I am warm. ‘iinaa mushub انا مشوب
I am cold. ‘iinaa buradan انا بردان
beautiful halu حلو
ugly bashie بشع
too late ta’akharat katir تاخرت كتير

Introducing Yourself

English Transliteration Arabic
My name is … aismi … ..اسمي
I’m … years old. eamri… sana عمري… سنة
I am (not) married. (m/f) ‘iinaa mtzwj/ (ana many mtzwj/) انا متزوج/ة ) انا ماني متزوج/ة)
I’m (not) traveling alone. ‘iinaa lawahdi musafara/ (anaa lawahady mamsafr/) انا لوحدي مسافر/ة) انا لوحدي مامسافر/ة)
I’m traveling with … ‘iinaa musafara/t maea.. انا مسافر/ة مع


English Transliteration Arabic
I don’t speak any Syrian. iinaa mabhki suriun انا مابحكي سوري
I don’t understand that. (m/f) maeim ‘afham ماعم افهم
Do you speak …? (m/f) bituhki..? بتحكي..؟
Does anyone here speak …? biahki haddaan hun..? بيحكي حدا هون..؟
English anklyzy انكليزي
French faransi فرنسي
Could you write that down, please? (m/f) lawasamaht aktabali halshi.? لوسمحت اكتبلي هالشي.؟
Could you please repeat that? (m/f) lawasamaht eyd marat taniata.? لوسمحت عيد مرة تانية.؟
Just a moment please. lahzat law samahat لحظة لو سمحت
Well done! kuayis katirun. كويس كتير


English Transliteration Arabic
one wahid واحد
two atnin اتنين
three tilata تلاتة
four arbe اربعة
five khms خمسة
six sita ستة
seven sabe سبعة
eight tamana تمانة
nine tisa تسعة
ten eshr عشرة
eleven ahdaeash احداعش
twelve atnaesh اطناعش
thirteen talataeash تلاطاعش
fourteen arbetesh اربعطعش
fifteen khmstesh خمسطعش
sixteen satateash ستطعش
seventeen sbetesh سبعطعش
eighteen atmintiesh اتمينطعش
nineteen tsetesh تسعطعش
twenty eshryn عشرين
twenty-one wahid weshryn واحد وعشرين
thirty talatin تلاتين
forty ‘arbaein اربعين
fifty khamsin خمسين
sixty sitiyn ستين
seventy sabein سبعين
eighty tamanin تمانين
ninety tisein تسعين
one hundred my مية
one thousand ‘alf الف
one million milyun مليون
some / a couple juz جوز

So, there you have it – a sneak preview of just a sample of all the great things you’ll learn when you learn Syrian Arabic through the Kaleela Arabic language learning app. We hope you’re as excited as we are to get started learning the Syrian Arabic dialect.

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