Are you one of the 35% of Americans or 73% of British adults who believe that astronomy is real? 

Perhaps you’re one of those who contributed to the $40 million astrology app industry in 2019. 

Well, whether you’re checking out your daily horoscope to see what fate awaits you today or you’re trying to find a partner that is compatible with the Year of the Horse, today we’re going to be looking at the ancient, but relatively unknown zodiac that makes up Arab astrology.

When Arabic astrology first started centuries ago, it was based not only on the day you were born, but also on your parents' social standing, where you were born, and where your parents were born. Today, however, the focus is primarily on the day of your birth and highlights your qualities, personalities, and most importantly, your assets. 

With all that being said, whether you’re feeling lucky or just curious, join us as we take a look at the Arabic zodiac.

The 12 Signs of the Arabic Horoscope

In contrast to the Western zodiac, which is largely based on animals and Greek myth, the Arab version makes use of traditional weapons such as the lance, slingshot, axe, dagger, nail, mace, knife, cutlass, machete, chain, Arab dagger and bow.

Lance (22 December - 20 January)

The Lance (الرُّمح/arrumH/) is the weapon that ends and begins the year, and because of their seriousness, skill, and success, people under this sign are respected. They are cautious, reasonable, patient, and measured people who have worked hard for their accomplishments. Lances have acquired the virtues of patience throughout their journey through life, and as a result, they are able to reflect and search deeper within. They can climb a steep path to the top because the journey is satisfying and the challenges don't terrify them. Lance is equal to the sign of Capricorn (بُرْجُ الجَدْي/burju iljadee/).

Slingshot (21 January- 19 February)

Equal to the sign of Aquarius (بُرْجُ الدَّلو/burju iddalw/), the slingshot (مِقلاع/miqlaaʻ/) represents a strong desire for the mingling of ideals. They are creative, humanistic individuals who never stop taking on practical endeavors to fulfill themselves. They have the urge to innovate, reinvent the world, surprise those around them, be inspired by their creative talents, broaden their horizons, and go beyond. They also enjoy seeing things holistically without sacrificing their uniqueness.

Axe (20 February- 20 March)

The Axe (فَأس/faʼs/) is a versatile weapon, and those born under this sign are equally multifaceted. A strong universal ideal of love and beauty moves you if you were born under the Axe’s influence. You are constantly looking for ways to realize your idealized version of reality, in which everything is jumbled together in perfect harmony. Additionally, your daily routine bores and restrains you, so you feel the need to evolve constantly. The sign of Pisces (بُرْجُ الحوت/burju ilHoot/) is the Axe’s equivalent in the astrology we know today.

The exceptional intelligence of the Axe connects you to everything and prevents you from being easily satisfied. You foster family ties, exhibit a high degree of empathy, and assist others in overcoming their own limitations.

Dagger (21 March- 20 April)

This Arabic zodiac sign of the Dagger (خَنجَر/khanjar/) has great vitality, spontaneity, and the capacity to demonstrate its worth to the highest levels. Those with this sign - equal to Aries (بُرْجُ الحَمَل/burju ilHamal/) - are brave, pioneers, victorious, intrepid, and athletic. They have a strong sense of initiative, are able to act quickly and resist giving in to fear and doubt. Risk-taking is instinct-driven for them, and they have no idea how to manage their energies; they are always willing to expend them if they believe the cause is worthwhile.

Nail (21 April- 20 May)

Due to the strength and passion with which they unite, those born under the Nail (مِسمار/mismaar/) are incredibly affectionate. They enjoy quiet times, but they are able to carry out large-scale projects and show a strong foundation of enormous work. They need to see tangible results because nothing motivates Nails like real progress on a project and the ability to see the tangible results of their labor. What’s more, they exert tireless effort and have tenacity, as well as an abundance of energy that seems limitless. The modern zodiac sign Taurus (بُرْجُ الثَّور/burju ithawr/) is the Nail’s astrological counterpart.

Mace (21 May - 21 June)

Much like its Gemini (بُرْجُ الجَوزاء/burju aljawzaaʼ/) equal, the Mace (صَولَجان/Sawlajaan/) is a chameleon who never loses the desire to have fun and discover a new side to their personality. They are spontaneous, free, and libertine. With a constant state of alertness and analytical prowess, they have the potential to surprise even themselves. They are a character with interesting, adequate intelligence, and are very clever negotiators because of their dignified ease of adaptation. They have a special talent for quickly getting a feel for communicating with different mindsets and can navigate even the most challenging circumstances.

Knife (22 June - 23 July)

The Knife (سِكّين/sikkeen/) is a sign that enjoys giving, caring for, and maintaining life with tenderness; they have a maternal sweetness that is receptive and unconditional which enables them to listen to and even anticipate the needs of others. Those born under the Knife have the capacity to be comforted, to forgive, and to give up. Sadness is drawn to your soul. Your opening provides solace and relief. You make tender, loving contact; you know how to protect, and you create a comfortable nest where life is good. Your world is a comfortable cocoon that contains some fantasy; it is a world that excludes any aridity or hardness. The dream takes center stage for the sign equal to Cancer (بُرْجُ السَّرَطان/burju issaraTaan/). 

Cutlass (24 July - 23 August)

The Arabic horoscope sign of the sword or cutlass (سَيف مُتَحَرِّك/saif mutaHarrik/) is distinguished by its nobility and dignity. Those born under the Cutlass (equivalent to the sign of Leo or الأسد/al’asad/ in Arabic) show excellent creativity and talent, and they constantly feel the need to contribute or produce work so that they can set an example for others. The Cutlass is a little egotistical; it likes to be the center of attention and is conscious of the value of appearance and image, which is something that usually involves art. They have a magnetic ability to draw people to them and are skilled at maintaining that interest.

Machete (24 August - 23 September)

If you were born under this Arabic sign (المِنجَل /alminjal/ in Arabic), people can trust your results because you have a keen practical sense and keen knowledge. You let go of the idea that you are perfect because you constantly seek to develop, learn, and broaden your knowledge. When the Machete succeeds in achieving its objective, it gains extensive, verified, and trustworthy knowledge. Their desire for rigor can occasionally become burdensome because they put in so much effort that they run the risk of losing their temper and making a mistake. The Machete is equal to Virgo (بُرْجُ العَذْراء/burju ilʻaTHraaʼ/) in contemporary astrology.

Chain (24 September - 22 October)

The people of the Chain (سِلسِلَة/silsilah/) have a certain refinement and a great love for justice and beauty. They use their charm and kindness to shield themselves from criticism, disagreements, and misunderstandings. They can win over anyone with their grace and win their hearts. This symbol - equal to Libra (الميزَان /almeezaan/) - highlights their artistic and aesthetic sense, the dexterity of spirit that enables them to create pleasant environments and their skill at forging connections and encouraging exchanges. They are wise in matters of love and allow pleasure games to flourish.

Gumia (23 October - 22 November)

One of the Arabic horoscope's least-known weapons in the West is the Gumia (صَمغِيَّة/Samghiyyah/), an Arabic-made knife. People born under the Gumia possess the greatest strength in their capacity for style development and understanding of concealed things. In fact, they are aware of the cycle of life and death from an early age and understand that regeneration makes it possible for the end. Gumias –Scorpios (العَقرَب/alʻaqrab/) on the modern astrological chart - also have highly developed survival instincts and are very drawn to risk and danger. However, this does not imply that they are perceptive or have the capacity to develop a sense of what is happening in other places.

Bow (23 November - 21 December)

The Bow (قَوس/qaws/) bestows a strong personality, allowing the bearer to overcome obstacles in life. They are very idealistic and have a lofty goal of extending time limits. They enjoy learning about the world, space, religion, and sports. They have an interesting social vision. Trust, optimism, and enthusiasm are among the Bow's core virtues. They also have an intriguing capacity for sharing faith and devotion, and much like their Sagittarius (بُرْجُ القَوس /burju ilqaws/) counterparts, they are brave by nature.

So, at the risk of sounding like we’re in an early ‘70s disco, what’s your sign? Does it accurately describe you?

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