Learning a language has always been beneficial, as the world now is getting smaller and smaller with the help of technology and the internet, people are getting closer from different spots of the world. For that, people tend and are somehow in need of learning a new language. In order to expand their connections. In addition to communicating with different nationalities. For that, people nowadays tend to learn a new language, especially if it is the 5th most spoken language in the world with around 362 million native speakers. Why not consider learning the Arabic language?

Today at Kaleela, we keep going with the basics of Arabic language. We will continue to talk about the Arabic Alphabet, with a new letter in the Arabic alphabet. Kaleela. The upcoming letter in the Arabic alphabet is the letter Jeem in Arabic. The letter Jeem is equivalent to the letter J in English. Jeem is easy to pronounce and detect because it’s identical to the English letter J as in JumanJi. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about the letter Jeem.

Get to know the letter Jeem in Arabic

Firstly, we need to highlight an important note that the letter Jeem can connect itself from both sides. Also, remember that there are some Arabic letters that can only be connected from the right side as in the table below in the first group, and the rest from both sides as in the 2nd group.

1st group: 

Connected from the right side


2nd group: 

Connected from both sides




Since the letter Jeem falls in the second group, then it is a connecting letter. Now, let us get to know the letter Jeem and give some Arabic letter Jeem words after the video.




As shown in the video, this is the shape of the letter Jeem standing alone. The shape of the letter Jeem changes depending on where it appears in a word and its surrounding letters. Whether it comes at the beginning of the word (initial), middle of the word (medial), or ending of the word (final). But firstly, notice that Jeem looks like a tilted line with the English letter C attached to it with a dot inside the C. Do not forget that Arabic is written from right to left when standing alone, and looks like this “ج.” As in: (جمل) which means camel. Now, let us get to know the different shapes of the letter Jeem and give some Arabic words with Jeem.


Jeem shapes

The letter Jeem has several shapes, depending on its position in the word

1.     Initial (جـ): When it comes at the beginning of a word:

   As in:      جمل     /jamal/     which means Camel.


2.     Medial: 1) While being connected (ـجـ):

As in: نجمة     /najmah/ which means Star.


           2) While not being connected (جـ):

As in:   رجل    /rajul/   which means Man.


3.     Final: 1) While being connected (ـج):

  As in:       ثلج /thalj/ which means Snow.


          2) While not being connected (ج):

  As in:        تاج     /taaj/   which means Crown.


Another point to mention is that the letter Jeem can always connect itself from both sides unless preceded by a letter from the first group. So, whether it comes in the middle of the word or at the end, it is possible to be disconnected if it is preceded by letters belonging to the first group.

To wrap up





جمل /jamal/



    /najmah/       نجمة      

  /rajul/      رجل   


            /thalj/ ثلج

/taaj/   تاج          


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