It is easy, especially when you know that most Arabic Letters are equivalent to English Letters. Arabic Alphabet is the first step towards learning the Arabic Language. Today, we are moving on to the following letter in the Arabic Alphabet. We will present a new letter in the Arabic alphabet: Zain. Zain in the Arabic language is equivalent to the letter Z in English. Zain is easy to pronounce and detect because it’s equivalent in pronunciation to the English letter Z. Also, the letter Zain only functions as a consonant letter. This blog will have all you need to understand the letter Zain.

Get to know the letter Zain in Arabic

Before we start with the shapes of the letter Zain, we need to demonstrate an important note that states that the letter Zain can only be connected from the right side. As shown below in the table. Some Arabic letters can only be connected from the right side (1st group). The second group (2nd group) shows letters that can be connected from both sides.

1st group: 

Connected from the right side


2nd group: 

Connected from both sides


The letter Zain falls in the first group. Zain connects itself from the right side only. So, let us get to know the letter Zain and give some Arabic words with Zain after the video.

As shown in the video, this is the shape of the letter Zain standing alone. The form of the letter Zain changes depending on where it appears in a word. So, we can have it either at the beginning of the word (initial), middle of the word (medial), or ending of the word (final). But firstly, notice that the letter Zain is easy to write and it looks like a crescent moon with a dot above it. If it is standing alone, it looks like this “ز.” As in: (زرافة) which means Giraffe. Now, let us get to know the different shapes of the letter Zain and give some Arabic words with Zain.


 Zain shapes

The letter Zain has 2 forms, depending on its position in the word

1.     1. Initial (ز): When it comes at the beginning of a word: 

As in:           زرافة   /zaraafah/   which means Giraffe

2.     Medial: 1) While being connected (ـز): 

As in:      جزر      /jazar/    which means Carrots

                         2) While not being connected (ز):

  As in:       إوزة     /ʼeewazzah/   which means Goose

3.     1) Final while being connected (ـز):

     As in:         خبز /khubz/ which means Bread

4.     2) Final while not being connected (ز):

   As in:            موز       /mawz/ which means Bananas

To wrap up






          زرافة   /zaraafah/ 


جزر     /jazar/

          إوزة  /ʼeewazzah/      


خبز /khubz/

  موز    /mawz/


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