Arabic To A Child: How To Help Your Kids Stay Interested In Learning

Dina Sarayra 4/4/2021
About Arabic language

Teaching anything to a child can be very difficult. Let alone, teaching Arabic to a child. This is because language tends to have a certain skillset. When it comes to Arabic, one of the hardest languages in the world, kids can get bored easily. So how do you help your kids stay interested in learning Arabic? And how do you teach Arabic to non Arabic speakers that happen to be so young? Let’s find out together.

Reason for Motivation

Before anything, your children need to know why they are learning this language. Whether we like it or not, we all get bored at some point. Even when learning new things that we actually want to learn as adults, these situations still happen. Why wouldn’t it happen to a child? You are obviously aware that it does. But to make sure we tackle this problem properly, we need to make sure we give our children a good reason to learn Arabic. Arabic for kids is not easy but it is not impossible. Give them motivation so that they can remember the reason during their down time.


Modern teaching methods involve a lot of games. This could include online ones as well as on-ground. If you are looking for online resources, you will find plenty of Arabic teaching materials. Of course, this includes Arabic for children worksheets, but these are boring sometimes and you can easily turn them into a competition or a game. One way of how to teach your child to read Arabic is to distribute the alphabet around the house. After your child has mastered all of them, take it up to the next level with two letters: a consonant and a vowel.

Maybe try a scavenger hunt where they would have to solve something, such as a worksheet, in order to find the treasure or the next clue. Kids love running and moving around. Give them something to keep them moving and have them learn Arabic at the same time. In terms of online material, there are games online that use interactive software. They range from multiple-choice questions such as quizzes or games where they would have to save a princess from the dragon through questions. The result is the same: it is a lot of fun.


Now the above-mentioned methods may work perfectly for grades one and above, but when it comes to Arabic lessons for kindergarten kids, it is quite challenging. They lose interest faster and have no reasoning for things. They don’t know why they are doing it and they do not even care, no matter how much you tried to explain. You can lure them in with a piece of candy, but that is pretty much it. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Try singing songs with them.

At this age, they love singing more than anything. Of course, this applies to the older kids as well. But the most effective for kindergarteners is definitely songs. Nothing brings more joy in a little boy or girl’s heart than a good song that teaches you when you don’t even know it. With the song, make sure you add a little dance routine to make sure it sticks in their heads as well. They can do this when you are working in the kitchen and you’d simply ask them to sing for you. They would be taking a lesson and they don’t even know it.

Quality Time

Who said teaching and learning has to be a boring and tedious process? Turn into quality time with your children. There is nothing more valuable than spending time with your children. They say that time spent with family is time well-spent. Children need our love and affection more than the education that we strive to give them. You know your own child more than anyone. If he or she likes chocolate, then make sure you include that within your teaching strategies. Not too much though, we wouldn’t want an unhealthy child either.

You don’t need to worry about teaching your child Arabic because there are plenty of ways to do this. Start searching up some specific teaching methods that work with a certain age group. Also, use all of the techniques we mentioned above and we assure you that they all work. Just make sure you are having fun and take this time to enjoy the company of your child.

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