Common Mistakes Students Make When Learning the Arabic Language

Dina Sarayra 4/21/2021
About Arabic language

So you want to learn Arabic? You say teach me Arabic language, and we say yes Sir/Madam! Today we will be covering all the common mistakes students make when learning the Arabic language. Make sure you don’t make the following mistakes and you will guarantee the fastest way to learn Arabic for yourself.

Set a Goal

A primary problem is that many people feel excited and enthusiastic about learning a language, especially a language like Arabic. This is because it is a challenge and for those who enjoy challenges, there can be a lot of daring emotions at the beginning. But as time goes by and they realize the complexity of the syntactic makeup of the Arabic language, the feelings of interest start to wear off and clouds of self-doubt start to take over.

We will be honest with you, this will eventually happen. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be with great intensity. If you set yourself a goal right at the beginning, you will have good pace over your work. Setting realistic goals is the first step to any type of success.

Choose Your Type

More than 20 countries speak Arabic. Within each Arabic-speaking country is a variety of dialects that can almost sound like a different language if moving from the south to the north of that country. Above all of that, there is also formal Arabic. If you choose to go for classical Arabic, then you would fill your Google search with how to learn classical Arabic. However, for some the language rules are not the problem. It may be the vocabulary and in which case, they would have to recognize ways of how to increase Arabic vocabulary. It is all about what you are looking for. Many people learn Arabic because of the religion Islam. In which case, you would search up how to learn Arabic for Islamic purpose.

Find Your Way

We all learn differently and at a different pace as well. One of the most important actions to take right at the beginning is to recognize what type of learner you are. Understanding your best way of absorbing a certain type of information such as that of a language, determines how fast you can actually learn it. It also governs how long it stays with you in the long term.

Some people are visual learners where they would need to see images and videos. Others need to hear everything through a conversation in order to effectively take most of the information in. These people are called auditory learners. Finally, we have kinaesthetic learners who need to be part of the process in order to learn. In other words, they learn by doing. Researchers have come up with several more learning styles but these three remain at the top of every study.

Figure Yourself Out

Not everybody can understand paper-based material. Some people prefer reading Arab language blogs to see how authentic work plays out in real-life contexts. Others actually prefer the classic use of Arabic language exercises. If, for example, you want to know how to learn Arabic vocab, but completely despise traditional methods of learning, look for online games that enhance this. There is nothing stopping you from finding the resources and the type of material you need to be dealing with. You are the teacher and the student, so you’re the boss here.

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