Through our modern globalization process, more companies than ever before are expanding their businesses and products to even the most remotest places on Earth. As a result, employers are now seeing how important the role of the bilingual employees actually is. Research shows that many more bilingual jobs are opening up around the world as more and more companies are recognizing the advantages bilinguals bring as partners in the global expansion and other areas of their business, whether it is for short-term or long term employment.

So what does bilingual mean?

Well, basically bilingual means someone who can speak two languages. Today we’re going to discuss the benefits bilinguals bring with them when you hire them to work in your company.

Bilingual People Are Smarter

A bilingual education has a big impact on the brain. During the whole process of learning another language, cognitive skills such as learning and problem solving improve extensively. Thus, the executive functioning skills of the brain become much more proficient than those of monolinguals.

Bilinguals Have Better Memories

It’s a proven fact that learning a second language also improves memory. Studies prove that bilinguals benefit organizations because they outperform monolinguals in all sorts of memory related tasks. Some studies have gone so far as to suggest that being bilingual benefits not only mental health, but can also stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by as much as five years.

Bilinguals Are Versatile

One of the advantages of bilingual people is that it tends to open up more opportunities for them. Thus, for your company as well. What this actually means is that the more bilingual people you hire, the more opportunities you have your company. You see, bilinguals are incredibly multitalented. They can help your business explore growth in more places with less worry about how your company will bridge language divides.

Bilinguals Resource Better

If your employee’s speak only one language then they are limited to the resources that they can access. On the other hand, those employees who can access information such as books and articles, conduct and participate in e-learning, watch videos and listen to recordings in another language tend to find find the information they’re looking for far more quickly. What a great asset that would be for your company!

Bilinguals Communicate Better

Want to be able to reach more people? Hire a bilingual because they can communicate with a wider audience. This will be especially valuable if you have a company in one of the Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East. Also, if a Middle Eastern company that wants to partner with you in your home country. You’ll reach more people throughout the region and your international business dealings will go a lot smoother. That is, of course, if you’ve hired someone who has taken the time to learn Arabic language skills.

Bilinguals Travel Better

Speaking of doing business in other countries, travel is much easier and hassle-free for people who speak the language of the country they’re visiting. It’s especially true for those who have to travel for work. After investing in bilingual employees, you’re sure to find that international business travel will bear much more fruit for your business.

Something else to think about is investing in the employees you already have. You can do this in many ways. However, the easiest, most effective, and accessible way is to choose professional language learning solutions. If we use the example of the Middle East above, Arabic learning apps are a great choice.

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