Egyptian Arabic is the Arabic dialect in Egypt with nearly 65 million speakers. The locals call it maSree (مصري). Not only is it is largest of the spoken Arabic dialects, it is also probably the most well-known dialect. This is because of the popularity of Egypt’s films, plays, music and television series throughout the Middle East. One good reason to learn the Egyptian dialect is that, if you’re trying to learn Arabic, most Arabs will understand you.

We’ve compiled this list and organized it all nice and neat for you in the chart below to get you started.

EnglishTransliterationEgyptian Arabic
Welcome in Arabicʼahlan wa sahlanأهلاً و سهلاً
Hello in Arabicissalaamu ʻaleekum
ʼahlan beek
السّلام عليكم
أهلاً بيك
How are you in Arabicm – ʼizayyak?
f – ʼizayyik?
What’s your name in Arabicm – ‘ismak eh?
f – ‘ismik eh?
إسمك إيه؟
إسمك إيه؟
My name is in Arabicismee……اسمي
Where are you from in Arabicm – ‘inta mineen?
f – ‘inti mineen?
إنت منين؟
إنتِ منين؟
I’m from in Arabicana min……أنا من
Nice to meet you in ArabicfurSah saʻeedahفرصة سعيدة
Good morning in ArabicSabaaH-ilkheerصباح الخير
Good afternoon in Arabic
Good evening in Arabic
misaaʼ-ilkheerمساء الخير
Good night in ArabictiSbaH ʻala kheerتصبح على خير
Goodbye in Arabicmaʻ issalaamahمع السّلامة
Good luck in ArabichaDH saʻeedحظ سعيد
Enjoy your meal in Arabicbilhana wi-shifaبالهنا و الشفا
I understand in Arabicm – ʼana fahim
f – ʼana fahmah
أنا فاهم
أنا فاهمة
I don’t understand in Arabicm – ʼana mish fahim
f – ʼana mish fahmah
أنا مش فاهم
أنا مش فاهمة
I don’t know in Arabicmaʻrafshمعرفش
Please say that again in Arabicm – mumkin tiʼool taanee?
f – mumkin tiʼoolee taanee?
ممكن تقول ثاني؟
ممكن تقولي ثاني؟
Do you speak Arabic in Arabicm – bititkallim ʻarabee?
f – bititkallimee ʻarabee?
بتتكلّم عربي؟
بتتكلّمي عربي؟
How do you say in Arabicʼizzaay aʼool…?إزّاي أقول…؟
Excuse me in Arabicm – ʼan ʼiznak
f – ʼan ʼiznik
!عَنْ إِزْنَك
!عَنْ إِزْنِك
How much is this in Arabicbikaam da?بكم ده؟
Sorry in Arabicm – mutaʼasif
f – mutaʼasifih
Please in Arabicm – ba’di ‘iznak
f – ba’di ‘iznik
بَعْدِ إِزْنَك
بَعْدِ إِزْنِك
Thank you in Arabicmutshakkreenمتشكّرين

Now let’s take a look at phrases that you might need in certain situations

EnglishTransliterationEgyptian Arabic
Where’s the bathroom in ArabicilHammaam fain?الحمام فين؟
This gentleman will pay for everything in Arabicirragil ilmuHtaram Hayidfaʻa kull haagaالراجل المحترم هايدفع كل حاجة
Would you like to dance with me in Arabicm – tiHib tirʼuS maʻaayah?
f – tihibi tir ʼuSee maʻaayah?
تحب ترقص معايا ؟
تحبي ترقصي معايا ؟
I love you in Arabicm – ʼana baHibbak
f – ʼana baHibbik
ٲنَا بحِبَّك
ٲنَا بَحِبِّك
Leave me alone in Arabicsibeenee-lwaHdee!!سيبني لوحدي
Help in ArabicilHaʼnee!!الحقني
Fire in ArabicHareeʼ!!حريق
Call the police in ArabicʼittiSl bil bulees!!إتّصل بالبوليس
Happy birthday in Arabicm – kull sanah w ʼinta Tayyib
f – kull sanah w ʼinti Tayyibah
كل سنة و إنت طيّب
كل سنة و إنت طيّب
Happy Eid in Arabicʻeid saʻeedعيد سعيد
Happy Ramadan in Arabicramadhaan kareemرمضان كريم

In conclusion,

The list of words and phrases provided in the chart above should provide you with a good start should you want to learn basic Arabic words and phrases in the Egyptian dialect.

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