They say family comes first for a reason, right? Today is all about learning Arabic in a very untraditional way: Learning Arabic as a family.

So you must have went through thousands, if not millions, of articles that talk about learning Arabic the “right way” and so on. Do they sound boring to you? Or are they not relatable? Do you need something that works for you AND your family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading.

Most Arabic learners either want to teach themselves or teach their kids. It is quite rare that both are the case. But if that is your issue, then don’t worry. We got you covered.

There are many great ways and reasons of learning Arabic as a family.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Conversation the Whole Day

Family conversations are priceless. They are the memories we keep when we grow old and the stories we tell to our grandchildren. Sit with your family and start talking. Literally, that’s it. It sounds simple but it is just as effective as learning from any other place.

In fact, people tend to learn more with those they are comfortable with. This is because if you are comfortable with someone, you can make mistakes as you wish. If that person corrects you, you will not have an issue. On the contrary, you will be accepting towards. Not to mention, your brain will most likely remember not to repeat that same mistake.

Imagine this: having a conversation with your families about any topic in the world in Arabic.

Even better, not everyone needs to be on the same level. Your family could be of diverse range of 6, 9, 15, and 18 and everyone will benefit. Some will learn new vocabulary items, and others will use the language to better their pronunciation and practice.

It is a form of learning Arabic in daily life practice form. Quite the magic, right?

Your Arabic conversation could be about family or anything else in the world. Try it out and let us how it went.

Check your Background

If you have some Arabic lineage, you might want to know who they are. It would be an exciting adventure with your small family to know about Arabic family members and – even better – your Arabic family tree.

This will allow you to connect to the language more deeply and create a bond with the ones who were here before you.

Start calling your grandma and grandpa and see what they have to say. We are sure they’ll have plenty of exciting stories to tell. They always do!

Change your Dynamics

Spice things up in the household and start coming up with new names for everyone. This will make you enjoy your Arabic learning and live the culture too. It is a lot of fun to call someone, especially your Arabic family, with a new Arabic name.

How about throwing post-it notes around the house of names of items or the use of common phrases in certain places?

Picture this: Writing common restaurant phrases on the kitchen door or food items on the refrigerator. You can write the word family in Arabic writing on the front door too.

Try out these methods and tell us how it went. Family is everything. We might as well make the most of our time by learning Arabic too!

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