In our ongoing investigation of the Arabic alphabet, we will now focus on the letter laam. Our present blog post will delve into various aspects of the letter Laam, such as its shapes, the variations it takes depending on its position in a word, and numerous examples of frequently used Arabic words that contain the letter laam. By the end of this article, you will have thoroughly comprehended the laam letter and its significance in Arabic.

The letter Laam is equivalent to the letter L in English as in Lamb. The letter Laam is easy to pronounce and detect because it is identical to the letter L in English. Last but not least, the letter Laam only functions as a consonant letter.

Get to know the letter Laam in Arabic

Before we start with the shapes of the letter Laam, we need to demonstrate an important note that states that the letter Laam can be connected from both sides. As shown below in the table. The second group (2nd group) shows letters that can be connected from both sides. Some Arabic letters can only be connected from the right side (1st group).

1st group: 

Connected from the right side


2nd group: 

Connected from both sides


The letter Laam falls in the second group. Laam connects itself from both sides. So, let us get to know the letter Laam and give some Arabic words with Laam after the video.

As can be seen in the video, this is the shape of the letter Laam standing alone. The form of the letter Laam changes depending on where it appears in a word. So, we can have it either at the beginning of the word (initial), middle of the word (medial), or at the ending of the word (final).

But firstly, notice that the letter Laam is easy to write and it looks like an upside-down crutch. If it is standing alone, it looks like this “ل.”

Now, let us get to know the different shapes of the letter Laam and give some Arabic words with Laam.

The shapes of the letter Laam

The letter Laam has 4 forms, depending on its position in the word

1.     Initial (ل): When it comes at the beginning of a word: 

As in لَــحم  /laHm/ which means Meat

2.     Medial: 1) While being connected (ـلـ): 

As in       ثَــلــج  /thalj/ which means Snow

                      2) While not being connected (لـ):

As in   وَلَـ /walad/  which means Boy

3.     Final: 1) While being connected (ـل):

     As in:       رَجُــل   /rajulwhich Man



    2) Final while not being connected (ل):

   As in         بُرتُقال      /burtuqaal/ which means Oranges


 To wrap up 





/laHm/  لَــحم  



  ثَــلــج  /thalj/  

      وَلَـﺪ /walad/      


  رَجُــل  /rajul

بُرتُـقال /burtuqaal/ 

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