The Benefits of Learning a New Language in Your Senior Years

Dina Sarayra 2/18/2020
About Arabic language

Can anyone learn a new language? Absolutely. The belief that we stop taking in information like sponges in a bathtub after certain ages is simply a myth. Learning after 30 doesn’t sound like a crazy idea anymore huh? There are endless health benefits of learning a second language. And do you know when one of the best times to do that is? Exactly as the title suggests: during your senior year.

First, there are so many health benefits of learning a second language. They increase the attention span, improve the ability to multitask, enhance decision-making skills, and improve your memory. Let’s not kid ourselves, you need like… all of these skills by senior year.

It can boost your career

Keep in mind that by senior year you are realizing that you need to step up your game and fill up the CV. A definite eye-catcher is knowing how to speak another language. Not anyone is willing to learn a whole new system of diction along with its culture because it messes with our default systemized brain power that learned to express itself through a language or two.

Showing this dedication to a future employer is always an extra star on your paper. It enhances your higher cognitive skills, which means you’ll do better in other exams. Don’t worry; we are not just saying this to convince you. It has been scientifically proven. Being multilingual exercises areas of the brain that are also used when tackling challenging explicit literate questions that make you think outside the box or read between the lines. They also make you connect the links between the different theories you have learned in exhausting calculus classes which took forever to get through and actually apply them logically.

It can help your social skills

When you have such brain developments, your skills get better including your networking and communication skills. This is such a strong point when you are soon to graduate. You need people to know you and recognize your strong assets that you can bring to the table. Nobody is interested in someone they don’t know.

With all these problem-solving skills and diverse cognitive abilities such as concept formation, it definitely guarantees that your decisions are reaching a higher level and are based on more reasoned judgement rather than emotional preferences that may not be fitting with the supply and demand market in the real world.

Multilingual individuals can have more input in terms of everything, including their new work places. They start merging ideas from two or three different nations, cultures, traditions and languages to introduce a brand new and innovative one with such unique characteristics. 

Why not learn a new language? What is stopping you? Get more connected, augment your cognitive abilities and make yourself pop out with that extra language. Not a senior? Don’t worry. There are numerous ways on how to learn Arabic in old age too. You are never old enough for a new language. Check Kaleela now!