On the 4th of January 2023, Kaleela launched a new dialect, after many requests were received from Kaleela’s users. Also, the launch of the Saudi Dialect came to help many foreigners who travel to Saudi Arabia whether for pleasure or business. As we at Kaleela spotted the need and we had to add the Saudi Dialect. After all, we believe that satisfied customers are our best ads. And we always aim to fulfill the needs of Kaleela's users. Furthermore, to let them learn Arabic the right way.

We launched it following the mechanism of Kaleela in teaching Modern Standard Arabic, however, for the Saudi Dialect, Kaleela hired native Saudis to help structure the Dialect in the application and the website. Pronouncing and typing the lessons and practices in Kaleela. Dialects are always fun to explore, especially when you express your daily emotions and feelings but in other terms and body gestures, and understanding the language, you’ll connect easier with a Saudi national. You will feel the pleasure to speak again. With Kaleela today, we will consider Arabic and demonstrate one of the main dialects used in Arab countries. But, is it really beneficial? Or is it used much? How can Kaleela help you? 

Saudi Dialect

With a native population of more than 35 million, Saudi Arabia is the largest nation in the Middle East. Knowing the local dialect can make your life much easier whether you are traveling to the Kingdom for business, pleasure, or both. Studying the Saudi dialect will enable you to interact with the locals. In Saudi Arabia, people use several dialects, the one that is presented in Kaleela and most used in Arriyadh, which is the Capital of Saudi Arabia, is Al-Najdi. More than 17 million people speak in Al-Najdi in Saudi Arabia, considered one of the main dialects used in Saudi Arabia.

Our Saudi Dialect course helps non-native speakers of Arabic improve their speaking, listening, and writing skills. It is designed to help you learn about Saudi culture as well. At Kaleela, you will have 7 levels; each level includes several different topics and lessons.

When you first enter Kaleela application or website planning to learn, first you need to choose your speaking language, then what you want to learn, which is the Saudi Dialect, and then select the level. After that, you will have everything you need to know about the Arabic Language in Saudi. Kaleela was created based on the five skills of a language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Culture. By learning these five skills, you will have full access to the language in the Saudi Dialect. The lessons and exercises offer video and audio content, and later on practicing written and spoken Arabic. 

Levels at Kaleela

Level 1 at Kaleela

Includes many topics (Greetings, Basics 1+2, Nationalities, Family, Relatives and Friends, Jobs, Food, and Numbers). In each topic, you will have an explanation and practices to train you, taking into consideration the Saudi culture and dialect.

Level 2 at Kaleela

Introduces you to other useful topics to know (Calendar, Telling time, Accommodation, Clothing, Daily routine, The Weather, Transportation, Shopping, and Useful Saudi dialect phrases). At this level, you will expand your knowledge about these mentioned topics. Kaleela will provide some explanations and practices with quizzes.

Level 3 at Kaleela

Brings out new topics at an intermediate level, where you will learn (Introduce yourself, Appearance and Personality, Health, Past Tense, At the Restaurant, Travel and Vacation, and Useful Phrases). These topics will help you interact more with Arabs and especially the Saudis.

Level 4 at Kaleela

Where you will go further than everyday used words and topics. At this level, you will get to know about (Plans, Environment, Present Tense, Telephone Conversation, Going to/ Will, Workplace, and Courtesies). Combining grammar and general topics will help you understand better because you need to know the Tenses to form a sentence, know the word order, add some Saudi Arabic words, and translate English words to Saudi Arabia Arabic.

Level 5 at Kaleela

Introduces you to new topics and grammar subjects including (Sports, Negation tools, Educational Institutions, workplace, Comparative and Superlative, and Expressing an Opinion). All of these topics are in the Saudi dialect. And of course, you will learn it from the natives.

Level 6 at Kaleela

Includes (Politics, Faiths, Events/ Occasions, Emergencies, Daily used expressions, Conditional Sentences, and Bargaining). Expect advanced grammar and topics, as you are in level 6, the one before the last level.


Level 7 at Kaleela

The last level of the Saudi Dialect. Where you will learn (Politics 2, Expressions for Every day, Emotions and Feelings, Economy 1, Dreams and Ambitions, and Complaint and Apology). After going through all of these topics, you will be able to interact with Saudis perfectly.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, learning dialects will enrich your knowledge of Arabic culture. In addition, you will be able to communicate and decently interact with native Arabs. in addition, Arabs will respect you for having an interest in their language and dialect, especially the Saudis. Always make sure to get the best method to learn the Arabic Language. Kaleela offers the best methods for delivering the information, Kaleela is where you learn Arabic the right way. https://kaleela.page.link/bgs