So you started your journey in learning Arabic but you are looking for the best place for Arabic lessons.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to learning Arabic the right way.

Kaleela is not only an app, it is the right way that Arabic should be taught.

Why, you ask? Let’s break it down for you.

First Things First

Having a Modern Standard Arabic conversation is something that happens and is taught. However, you don’t always want that option. This is why Kaleela offers a variety of commonly-used dialects: Palestinian-Jordanian, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian, and Iraqi, all in bite-size Arabic lessons.

We recognize the importance of understanding and learning dialects and tried to cover the common ones. You can say it roughly covers 60 percent of the Arabic world. If it doesn’t cover the area you are going to, it will surely be understood by all Arab speakers.

In Depth – The Courses

Of course, other than our dialects, we offer courses on the Arabic Alphabet, Modern Standard Arabic, Grammar and other Arabic lessons.

Arabic Alphabet

With our Arabic Alphabet course, you will find three levels. Level 1 covers the basics of the alphabets. Whereas level 2 goes into shapes and finally, level 3 is all about the long and short vowels.

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

The Modern Standard Arabic course is quite different in its structure due to its complexity and intensity. It starts with greetings and basics. These basics are divided into two parts. Then it goes on to explain various aspects of life. Everything from nationality to family to jobs and of course, food.

What’s great about this course is that not only does it teach you advanced Arabic phrases, but Kaleela gives you the Arabic meaning and depth of these terms as well.

But that’s not the fun part. Uncommon topics such as politics, bargaining, economy, and dreams and ambitions are also covered with the same depth.

Yes, we want to make sure that we cover everything. Literally everything.

After this, you will know more than 100 Arabic phrases, advanced Arabic phrases, and even Kaleela’s Arabic meaning.


Grammar is grammar wherever you go. It’s boring and nobody likes it.

But not with us.

We understand this issue of grammar being super tedious. This is why we have created interactive and a student-oriented style of teaching and learning.

Grammar will never look the same again. That much we can promise.

When it comes to the topics, you get to see everything from a simple introduction to parts of speech to question words. Basically, we covered the important parts for you.

This is Kaleela, meaning we teach Arabic right. You know, the way it should be taught.

Our Website

If you go to our main page, you would be happy to see that we have an online, interactive Arabic keyboard. You will also find our blog which contains articles that are super helpful!

These articles are requested by you and are ready to tell you all about whatever it is you want.

They cover topics of advice for travels and food, as well as correct techniques of studying, and so much more.

Our App

We would love to humbly say that our app has received a 4.3 star rating. Kaleela’s Arabic reviews are always positive and lots of people find it to be their most comfortable way of learning Arabic.

Kaleela app reviews matter to us and we love to cater to your needs. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations of anything related to Arabic learning.

So, What’s Next?

Well, simple. Get your phone out, open your app store, and download Kaleela. You have everything you need and will need for your Arabic-learning journey.