In today’s international markets business ties are spanning across oceans and continents. Arabic language skills have never been more important than they are right now. The key to doing business in the Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East is being able to communicate. Preferably, you should know enough vocabulary to communicate efficiently, diplomatically, sensitively in Arabic. Therefore, corporate Arabic language learning is critical (if you are planning on jumping into the world of employees and business).

Where should you start?

We all know how hard it is to find the time and motivation to learn a new language. Certainly, considering all the demands seemingly at every turn to keep up with (or even stay ahead of) your competition. Adding a corporate Arabic language learning program for employees might make it feel like a chore instead of a benefit. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Successful language learning needn’t be a drain and you’re sure to reap its benefits.

Learning Arabic is possible for anyone who wants to learn due to the easy accessibility of today’s technology. Arabic can be learned on the commute to work through Arabic learning apps. Some of these apps may even have voice recognition software that allows them to practice speaking. As a result, learning Arabic doesn’t have to eat into the daily work schedules too much. You also don’t have to worry about looking for a teacher and a location. You can learn relevant content through a smartphone app.

An intelligent staff that is knowledgeable in Arabic can be a valuable asset to your business. For example, getting your staff to learn to speak Arabic is important when you want to expand into new markets. A good investor would definitely consider expanding in the Middle East and North Africa. Thus, it will be necessary to have employees who can communicate. Think about talking with local providers, acquiring new local talent and developing them into the staff you want. All of this while fitting in with the local Arab culture.

So why not learn Arabic?

If you sent people abroad that don’t speak Arabic, how successful are you likely to be in the Middle East? Let Arabic be the stronghold that can help your business put down roots and integrate better into the Arab world. Therefore, successfully integrating the Arabic language into your corporate language learning strategy will help you break into the global markets of the Middle East. Also, it will help you run your business interculturally. Doesn’t teaching your employees Arabic just make sense now?

If you’d like your employees to learn Arabic language skills, head over to our website and have them start learning Arabic today. Downloading the Kaleela Arabic learning app – the best way to learn Arabic! Along with Modern Standard Arabic, your employees can help you expand into different regions of the Middle East. This can be done by also learning other Arabic dialects like Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Syrian Arabic or Iraqi Arabic! And Kaleela is so convenient! They can learn Arabic anytime, anywhere and a pace that’s comfortable to them!