Games People Play: Learn Vocabulary about Sports in Arabic

Gary Greer 12/12/2021
Arab Culture

There’s really no doubt that Arabs are passionate about their sports. Turn on any sports channel in the Middle East and you’ll find when it comes to sports, Arabic is the language that you’ll hear most. For example, if you’re watching Olympic swimming, Arabic will be dubbed over any other language. This is especially true for football; Arabic will be blasting out of televisions in every restaurant and living room during football season.

Indeed, football is one of the main sports in Arabic language that you’ll hear while visiting the Middle East. However, it’s not the only popular one. For this reason, today we are going to learn the name of different sports in Arabic. Sure, you can get by with just learning about football in Arabic language lessons, but why stop there? Below you’ll find a list of Arabic sports that are also popular in the Arab world.

The Names of Sports in Arabic

Soccer (Football)korat al kadamكرة القدم
Field Hockeyhockey al mal3abهوكي الملعب
Volley Ballkora tayraكرة طايره
Ping Pongbinj bunjبينج بونج
Baseballal baseballالبيسبول
Basketballkorat al salaكرة السله
American Footballkorat al kadam al amricayaكرة القدم الامريكية
Rugbyal rugbyالرجبي
Ice Hockeyhockey al galidهوكي الجليد
Badmintontennis al rishaتنس الريشة
Skiingal taza7lo2 3ala al galidالتزحلق على الجليد
Cyclingrikob al 3agalركوب العجل
Rowingal tagdif al gama3iالتجديف الجماعي
Kayakingal tagdif al fardiالتجديف الفردي

Conversational Phrases about Sports

One of the best icebreakers you can use when trying to meet new friends is talking about sports. Here are a few phrases to get you started:

Do you like sports?bet7ib al reyada?بتحب الرياضة؟
Which sports do you like?bet7ib reyadit eah?بتحب رياضة ايه؟
Do you play any sports?betil3ab ay reyada?بتلعب اي رياضة؟
Which teams do you support?bitshaga3 fira2 eah?بتشجع فرق ايه؟
Would you like a game of tennis?te7ib til3ab match tennis?تحب تلعب ماتش تنس؟

So, are there any sports that you play that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the come comments below. If you want to practice what you’ve learned so far, you can even leave a comment in Arabic.

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