Why You Should Learn a Language in Your (50s), (60s), (70s) & beyond

Dina Sarayra 7/26/2021
About Arabic language

Is it really too late to learn a language? Can anyone learn a second language? For so long, Scientists thought the brain can’t repair itself after damage, and so it’s hard to teach someone old something new.

Hence the ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ phrase! However, it is never too late to learn a language. This means anyone can learn a second language even if they’re in their 50’s, 60s or even 70s!

Let’s Talk About This

Learning a new language makes you brain fit because it makes it work to be able to attain the language. The abilities of the human brain are incredible, to think that someone as old as 70 can learn a new language. Never underestimate the ability of your body or brain because a human is truly capable of many things and adapting to many different environments as well.

Take It From the Experts

A psychologist once says that “learning a new language is like sending your brain to the gym.” I tend to think that anything at school is like a gym for the brain but hey, what that psychologist said couldn’t be any truer!

In fact, learning a second language helps make new connections in your brain by developing new neural pathways and makes your brain more flexible. One of the reasons why children learn a language faster is because they spend more hours a week focusing on learning it, as many experts have said.

How To Look At It

So, given that you can learn a language at any age, you should really try to learn Arabic. Yes you, reader! Arabic second language is simple to learn. However, you may be thinking, why learn Arabic? Well, why not? There’s always room for more knowledge, and hey you’ll only be able to talk to 313 million people in the world. But hey no biggie!

Some Facts Right Here

Did you know that Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world? That’s even more reason to learn it if you ask me – a totally unbiased opinion. But now you may be wondering: well hey, how do I learn Arabic?

In our day and age language learning is way easier than ever before. Anyone can learn a language given certain resources. You can try learning in a traditional language institution or you can try learn it online. Even more, you can travel to a country that speaks that language so you may attain it very quickly since you are constantly forced to interact with it.

Final Words On This

Learning Arabic online is getting better and better each year as there are many websites and applications that will provide you with what is necessary and in their sensible steps. This means they can even measure your level and continue from there.

It’s important to learn Arabic grammar, syntax and vocabulary and online websites can definitely help you with that. What’s more is that you can even have an online instructor that will speak to you in Arabic which allows you to practice the language and obtain useful feedback. So yes, learning Arabic can be as simple as Google-searching ‘how to learn Arabic’ online!

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