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We often get asked if there are audiobooks available in Arabic. The answer is yes! Find out where you can get them by reading this article now

A lot of Arabic articles focus on how to learn to read Arabic better or learn to speak Arabic better. However, it's few and far between that you’ll find articles to help you with your listening comprehension skills. This is mostly because, until recently, there haven’t been a whole lot of resources to practice your Arabic listening skills outside of Arabic audios on YouTube or...

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If you’re thinking to learn Modern Standard Arabic, find out why it's a good idea to start with it in this article on the benefits of learning MSA

As a fresh learner of the Arabic language, you might be bombarded with the amount of information found as to what type of Arabic you should learn. For example, there are books where you could learn to speak Egyptian Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, just about every kind of Arabic dialect imaginable. It can all a bit confusing. In the end,...

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