When people think of the Middle East drinks, some tend to think of it as one big, dry, hot desert. However, the landscape of Arab world is as diverse as the people who live there. Moreover, if the recent weather that brought snow to Saudi Arabia for the first time in 50 years is any indication, its weather can sometimes be surprisingly cold and wet in some places, as well. As a result, what do Arabs do when the weather outside is frightful? Well, of course, they stay inside and eat something warm and delightful.  So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow as you keep your insides warm with this wintry Arabic food names list:


Arabs make Aseeda from a cooked wheat flour lump of dough, often with butter or honey. It is a simple yet rich dish. They often eat it by hand during the Muslim Eid holidays. Furthermore, though it’s mostly well-known in Yemen, many other Arabs from all over the Middle East enjoy it, too. 


Also among the Arabic food recipes for Ramadan, Harees, like Aseeda, is made of wheat, too. However, this wheat is the whole or crushed kind that Arabs by and large make with meat or chicken and boiled barley.  Sometimes, whoever is cooking it will add vegetables like tomatoes, as well. Once finished, the cook will often garnish it with parsley. Arabs will also cook it plain, without meat, with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over a dollop of butter. You’ll find this dish largely in the Levant region, especially during Ramadan.


Masoub is a favorite wintry dish among many Arabs, and it’s easy to see why. Arab moms make this tasty sweet with shredded whole wheat bread, banana, ghee, cream, and honey. When it’s cold outside they serve masoub warm and garnish it with nuts or sesame seeds. Furthermore, it is very popular in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.


A super comfy drink on a cold winter’s night throughout the Levant, you make sahlab with a little cornstarch, vanilla, sugar and milk warmed until it gives you the cozy feels. Then, top it with crushed almonds, coconut, or other nuts and sprinkle with cinnamon powder, or drizzle it with a little home-made syrup. Finally, drinking sahlab will definitely keep your insides warms when it’s cold outside.


Arabs drink ginger milk because ginger is a hot herb that’ll help your body create warmth. However, they also drink it because it’s healthy. You see, ginger is great for the immune system as well as for aiding indigestion. Best if made with fresh shredded ginger, sometimes other spices are added as well. Nevertheless, it has to be served hot sweetened with honey to enjoy it at its finest.


Like rice, the lentil is a nutritional food that Arabs rely on, especially in the winter. It’s then that the people of the Levant make their tasty lentil soup.  Basically, they make it with onion, garlic and flavored with cumin, and of course, lentils. Additionally, it’s a stick-to-your-ribs kind of soup that will leave you warm and cozy long after eating it.


Often, Arab hosts will serve this iced for special events throughout the Arab world. Additionally, they will often mix this hibiscus tea, also known as karkadeh or roselle, with other fruits like lemons, pomegranates or strawberries. However, they will also often serve it hot in winter flavored with rose water and honey. Finally, it’s also thought to reduce high blood pressure, probably caused by all of that snow piling up outside.

Finally, that’s all for the wintry mix of hot food and drinks to keep you feeling warm through the cold weather of the season. However, stay tuned because it won’t be long until we talk about summer season food of the Middle East.

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