Quarantine. Lockdown. Whatever you call it, it’s no secret that COVID-19 brought with it lifestyle changes that we surely did not expect. In fact, many Arabic language students had to come up with innovative ways to practice without classrooms and teachers. Because, you know, “Use it or lose it!”

Maybe you’re still in study alone mode until things get back to “normal”. If that’s the case, here are some tips so you can give yourself Arabic lessons while you’re stuck at home.  

Learning Arabic: Faraway, So Close

For many of the tasks we do these days, many people use their smartphones. That being said, instead of going to Arabic classes, most learners learned how to bring their Arabic classes home. For instance, to learn Arabic chat, most Arabic language students don’t have Arabic family members. Plus, if they live near other native Arabs, they couldn’t go learn Arabic from native speakers anyway.

So what did they do to get in their Arabic conversation practice?

I’ll Trade You an Hour of English for an Hour of Arabic

They went online.  Many learners found native speakers who were looking for an Arabic language exchange. That is, Arabic learners from the USA would help their Arabic counterpart learn English in exchange for them learning Arabic. This conversation exchange is a great way to not only learn Arabic, but also learn about Arab culture. The great news is that there are many language exchange websites available today.  This means you can meet an Arab, talk in Arabic for awhile and then in English. Next thing you know, you’ve not only got a language partner, but you’ve got a friend, too.

Practicing Arabic Conversation Between Two Friends

Others went online with their friends and classmates who were also learning Arabic using social media and meeting apps. Since they were already learning the language, they simply opened their books and started working on their Arabic language skills. Sometimes they even watched Arabic learning videos at the same time or listened to Arabic music. They said it worked really well and helped get them get through the boredom of lockdown.

Audio, Video and Boatload of Know-How

If you want to learn Arabic, audio and video is also good way to practice alone. First, it can improve both your listening skills and speaking skills. Hint: they don’t have to be only learning videos. Rather, also look for Arab TV shows and films that you can get free online. (This is really good for those of you learning Egyptian Arabic since that is where most Arabic TV shows and movies are filmed.)

Of course, these are only a few ways some people used the lockdown to learn Arabic. There are many who also found another way to learn Arabic through their smartphone – the Kaleela Arabic learning app. They learned Arabic anywhere they took their phone. How convenient is that? Lockdown or not, you, too, can learn Arabic whenever and wherever you want thanks to the Kaleela Arabic Learning App. Start learning Arabic today and speaking it tomorrow. Visit us at kaleela.com and download it now.

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