What’s good, tasty and always on your mind? FOOD. That’s right everyone, today we’re all about food. Eating out is great and all, but we’re the DIY kind of people. It is very important to know your kit before you use it, and that is why today we are going to spill the tea on the list of kitchen utensils in Arabic, kitchen appliances in Arabic, and pretty much everything kitchen in Arabic. Are you ready? So are we. Let’s get going chefs.

Check out these words

Kitchen in Arabic اَلمَطبَخُ Matbakh
Barbeque in Arabic الکَانُونٌ Kanoon
Gas stove in Arabic مُوقِدٌ لِغَازِ Mooqidu Lighaz
Heater in Arabic سَخَّانَۃٌ Sakhhanatun
Gas cylinder in Arabic اُسطُوانَۃٌ Ustawaanatun
Oven in Arabic فُرنٌ Furn
Gas pipe in Arabic قَصَبُ الغَازُ Qasabul Ghaz
Cauldron in Arabic طَنجَرَۃٌ Tanjaratun
Kettle in Arabic غِلایَۃٌ Ghilayatun
Pot in Arabic قِدرٌ Qidrun
Knife in Arabic سِکِّینٌ Sikkeen
Pair of tongs in Arabic مُلقَطُ Mulqatun
Knife in Arabic مِبرَدٌ Mibradun
Match in Arabic کِبرِیتٌ Kibreetun
Fire in Arabic نارٌ Naar
Ash in Arabic رَمادٌ Ramad
Fridge in Arabic
Bread box in Arabic صندُوقُ الخُبزِ Sandooq ul Khubz
Sugar box in Arabic سُکَّرِیَّۃٌ Sukkariyyatun
Salt box in Arabic مِملَحَۃٌ Mimlahatun
Tea box in Arabic أِبرِیقُ الشَّأیِ Ibreeq us Sha’yi
Coffee box in Arabic غِلایۃَ قَھوَۃِ Ghilayati Qahwati
Cup in Arabic کَوبٌ Kowb
Butter pot in Arabic وِعأُ الزُّبدَۃِ Wi’aa uz Zabdah
Milk pot in Arabic أِناءُ الحَلیب Inaa’ ul Haleeb
Spark in Arabic شِرارَۃٌ Shirartun
Smoke in Arabic دِخانٌ Dikhaan
Frying pan in Arabic مِقلاۃٌ Miqlaatun
Fuel in Arabic وُقُودٌ Wuqoodun
Spoon in Arabic ملعقةٌ mil’aqahun
Chimney in Arabic مَدُخَنَۃٌ Madukhanatun
Grill in Arabic مِشواۃٌ Mishwaatun
Towel in Arabic فَوطَۃٌ Fowtatun
Tray in Arabic صِینِیَّۃٌ Seeniyyatun
Iron pan in Arabic االطَّابِقٌ Tabiq
Tea pot in Arabic بَرَّادَۃٌ Barradatun
Table cloth in Arabic سُفرَۃٌ Sufratun
Bottle in Arabic قِنِینَۃٌ Qineenatun
Rolling pin in Arabic مِرقاقُ العَجِین Mirqaq ul Ajeen
Kerosene in Arabic الکِیرُسِینُ Keeruseen
Dough in Arabic عَجِینَۃٌ Ajeenatun

Now that we got a few vocabulary words into our dictionaries, let’s try to structure relevant phrases and sentences that would do us good when in need.

Here are our examples:

This plate is dirtyهذا الطبق متسخhātha al-tabaqu muttasikh
Blue bowlزبدية زرقاءzubddiyah zarqāʾ
Red kettleغلاية حمراءĠallāyah Hamrā
This pot is ten years oldهذا القدر عمره عشر سنواتhathā al-qidru umruhu ašru sanawāt
Frying panمقلاةmiqlāh
The onions are sautéed in the frying panالبصل يقلى فى المقلاةal-basalu yuqlā fil-miqlāh
Could you pass me the knife?هل يمكنك أن تمررلي السكين؟ hal yumkinuka ʾan tumarrira lī as-sikkīn
Liquid medicine, a spoon and a small plastic cupدواء شرب و ملعقة و كوب بلاستيكيdawā šurbi wa mil’aqah wa kūb blāstiyikī
Fork on a plateشوكة على طبقšawkah alā tabaq

In conclusion

It is important to know how to use these phrases, when and how to use them as well. Kitchen utensils in Arabic are fixed and generally follow no specific rule, however, you will notice that words that were once a verb like tabakh – طبخ , meaning he/she cooks, would be turned into matbakh – مطبخ, meaning kitchen in Arabic.

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